Monday, December 21, 2009

Mailbag Monday: A Letter From Me!

Today's Mailbag Monday is a little different. Today you'll get a letter from me--The Obligatory Christmas Letter. I don't know if I love them or hate them, but I always feel the need to send one (and by send I mean e-mail, because despite my best intentions I never actually get cards sent out in the mail). So, please to enjoy.

And don't worry, your regularly scheduled hate mail will be back next Monday.

Dear Family and Friends (and blog readers),

This year has been a year of big changes for us.

In January I had gastric bypass surgery. The first attempt resulted in the discovery of a bowling ball sized ovarian cyst (further proof that I am, in fact, a freak), so the actual bypass took place a week later. I have since lost 155 pounds. I'm finally a "normal weight" according to the BMI chart. More importantly, I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or sleep apnea. I'm also off insulin and will likely be off the small dose of oral diabetic medication I still need within the next 6 months. Even more importantly, I'm wearing a size 6.

Since exercise is a necessary part of the process, I've been spending a lot of hours at the Y every week. I discovered that I really love exercise and I'm starting a program to become a personal trainer. That's a career field that never would have been a consideration a year ago.

In May Will was accepted to become a Warrant Officer. He attended Warrant Officer Candidate School in Alabama for 5 weeks in October/November. In January he'll begin the advanced leg of the training that lasts for 6 months. Luckily that part is here, so we don't have to move until July. Right now he's enjoying a month of coming and going as he pleases at work. It's been nice having him home for dinner every night.

Amelia missed the cut off for Pre-K by 13 days, so she's been home with me again this year. Luckily she's (usually) pretty easy and entertains herself. She finally (at 4 years old!) got the potty training thing down, so we're officially a diaper free family.

Liam had a rough start in Kindergarten--he's not a big fan of structure--but has settled in and seems to be doing much better. His health has been great, but he will be getting his next heart surgery this summer. His replacement artery is finally wearing out and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, this will be something he'll have to have done every 5 years or so for the rest of his life.

Ben started 5th grade this year, and has been actively pursuing a future as an evil genius. His most recent accomplishment was entering a quilt in the county fair and winning the $80 Best in Show prize. Unfortunately, he didn't actually make the quilt--his grandmother did. So, he's been spending a lot of time returning prize money and writing apology letters.

It hasn't all been conning and conniving, though. He did break the school reading score record, and just performed a leading role as Scrooge (talk about fitting!) in the school Christmas concert.

And that's about it. Next year I'll be writing this from someplace new--more than likely the frigid cold of upstate New York.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


P.S. Click HERE to see our past family Christmas pictures (or as I like to call it, the "how fat was Brandi and how bad was her hair?" game).

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