Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Morning Confessions

This picture is unrelated to the post, but it made my freakin' day.

Happy Thursday! Let's read more stuff about me that you probably don't really care to know.

1. I took my first ever spinning class today. And I did it in addition to my normal workout. I can't walk. It should make my weekly 13 mile bike ride with Sylwia tomorrow interesting.

2. I have no idea who won Top Chef last night because Dish Network took away my Bravo without warning.

3. I did four loads of laundry on Monday. It's still piled up on a bench at the foot of my bed waiting to be folded. And I need to do at least two more loads today. Maybe I'll just never fold it. Maybe we'll just fish clothes out of the pile when we need them forever. It's been working all week.

4. I've never used a rice cooker (but that will all change in about an hour).

5. I'm uber-ticklish. And I have gotten violent with people who have tickled me. Like, I've given bloody noses over it. So, umm, don't tickle me. Ever.

6. I sometimes have nightmares about having extremely bright and intense sunlight glaring in my eyes and it won't go away even if I close them. What do you think it means?

7. It's still looking promising for new boobs in the New Year. I should be able to get the tummy tuck paid for by insurance after we move in July. So, I'll be a freak with perfectly perky boobs but a floppy, hanging pannus for several months.

8. I'm currently addicted to roasted brussels sprouts.

9. We're not going on a vaction next week after all. I finally got Will to concede, but then I looked at the amount of money it would cost for just two days and one night and I had second thoughts. Instead, I'm going to spend the money on number 10:

10. I'm going to get certified as a personal trainer. Marianne (Who is a big weenie head, by the way. She knows why.) inspired the idea, and I've been mulling it over for awhile now. Yesterday I decided that I really want to do it, even though it means I'll actually have to talk to people. I figure if I tell all of you I can't chicken out now.

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