Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday night at The House of Douglass.

Liam has been carrying on for nearly two hours over a matchbox car.

Silly me, trying to be nice mom, bought Liam and Ben each a car from the el cheapo bins at Target. One was a BMW. One was a Porsche. Of course they both wanted the BMW*. Of course. So I put them in paper bag and had them draw for it. Ben won.

Here's a little sampling of what I've been listening to ever since:

"This Porsche is so slow. It only goes two miles an hour. That's why you gave it to me. You hate me. I want Ben to trade with me. I hate Ben. The Porsche can't even win on Need for Speed. It's so dumb. I hate red Porsches..." Rinse and repeat.
Ben is going to his first dance tonight. It's for 3rd through 5th graders. He's completely excited for it but is pretending to be too cool to be excited. Also, his cute little Korean girlfriend will be there. He won't admit that he likes her-likes her, but they spend pretty much every waking minute together from 8 am to 5:30 pm every day. After school either she is here or he's at her house.

I've been trying to get him to dress up a little for the dance, but again, he's too cool for that. He'll be wearing his standard uniform of a black shirt (preferably with a Beatles logo on it), jeans and Converse All Stars.

Will and Amelia are blissfully zoned out on my bed watching Spongebob.

I'm trying desperately to tune out Liam ["I can't do my home work because I didn't get the BMW. You hate me! YOU HATE ME!!!!] while attempting to invent a recipe for spinach lasagna made with wheat lasagna noodles, fat free cottage and mozzarella cheeses and Egg Beaters. If it turns out well I'll post the recipe.

How's your Friday?

*Before I get a million e-mails asking me why I didn't just buy two the same, they didn't have two the same left.

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