Thursday, February 18, 2010

What about Kate?

O.K., so, my thoughts on Lost this week.
As usual, this will contain spoilers.

1. I think the freaky kid that Un-Locke and Sawyer could see (but that Richard could not) is future Aaron (Or maybe young Jacob? Or maybe young Jacob is future Aaron?). And what the heck was up with his blood covered arms the first time he showed up? Creeeeepy. He reminded me of the super-scary twins from The Shining.

Creepiest kids ever.

2. I'm kind of bored by the alternate time line flashes. I just don't care what would have happened if the island had ceased to exist in 1974 (or was it '77? I can't remember anymore). I hope there's a reason for showing us this stuff other than that they needed some kind of flash because that's the format the show has always had. Although I will say that I loved seeing Ben and Locke interact in the teachers' lounge.

3. I was really looking forward to seeing Hurley in a leadership role this season, but apparently that was only for one episode. Disappointing.

4. I miss Juliet.

5. So, I think we're getting closer to figuring out one of the very first questions the show ever gave us: Who were the skeletons in the cave holding black and white rocks? I guess we're no closer to knowing the who part, but at least we kind of understand the black and white rocks now. Sort of.

6. The candidates--the names written in the cave. Kate's wasn't there. I even went and checked out the sites run by people who know what they're talking about and they all confirmed that Kate's name was not in the cave. So, she's not a candidate. Yet, she was physically touched by Jacob in the past (which seems to be what all the candidates have in common). So, what's up with Kate, then?

7. Please Sawyer, don't turn evil.

8. There was way too much Locke and not enough of everyone else this episode.

9. I hope they bring back Walt somehow.

10. I miss Desmond.

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