Sunday, February 7, 2010

So, apparently I'm a petite Asian woman.

Or an androgynous glam rocker.

I went to and did the whole face scan/find my celebrity look-a-like thing. And by the way, I've been looking at some of the celebrity doppelgangers you've all posted on Facebook, and some of you are delusional. Just sayin'.

Anyway, here's the picture I used.

Here are my top 5 results.

#5 with a 70% face match: Masami Nagasawa

#4 with a 71% face match: Kim Tae-hee

#3 with a 79% face match: Ryoko Hirosue

#2 with an 84% face match: Lee Young Ae

And #1 with a 91% face match is Adam freakin' Lambert.
Yes. The celebrity I most look like is a guy.

The only thing keeping my fragile self esteem somewhat intact is that my #6, with a 61% face match, was Liv Tyler.

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