Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good News Minute.

So, prepare for a little bragging. Sorry.

Sorry that your life isn't as awesome as mine.

1. I had a conference with Liam's teacher today. He's reading at a late first grade/early second grade level, and doing math at a second grade level. Take that, extreme oxygen deprivation for the first two weeks of life!

2. I also left the conference feeling extremely superior in the name choices we made for our children. I got the class list to make Valentines this week. Look at these: A'mya and D'mya (twins), Kholten, Karsyn, Talasia, Mo-Hommud, Mosis, Seyairah, Cellie, Aymeigh, LaVeena, Deeandray (I love this one the best. His mother is Dee and his father is Ray), Kanye (for real), Du' Wayne, and Lysah.

People: Don't give your kids weird names or weird spellings of common names. Cellie, Aymeigh and Lysah will be no smarter, prettier or more popular than if they had been spelled Kelly, Amy and Lisa. However, they will grow up with a complex because everybody always misspells their names and they can't get pencils or stickers or bike license plates with their names on them. Trust me. I speak from experience.

3. I'm now wearing size 4 jeans. And it's not because I found a brand that runs big, thankyouverymuch. These are the same brand as the sixes I've been wearing. What's funny is that I've actually gained 4 pounds. Maybe it's muscle? Tex Kwon-Do kicks my butt, and my quads of steel are getting out of control.

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