Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little miracles.

I spent Saturday night in the ER with Liam. Right before bed he started crying and complaining of chest pain.

They poked and prodded and wired and tested and found nothing wrong, but to be safe they had us follow up with his cardiologist today (he wasn't supposed to see him again until May).

Not only is he fine, but he's better than he was at his last visit in August.

The stiffening and blockage in his pulmonary artery (which is from a donor) is somehow less than it was back in August. The cardiologist said that never, ever happens, but there you have it. It happened for Liam.

So, instead of surgery this summer, we're back to an indefinite date. The cardiologist canceled our May appointment and said to see a cardiologist sometime in September or October after we get settled in New York.

The longer he can wait, the better, so this is great news.I really had no idea how we were going to manage a move and an open heart surgery all at the same time.

Thank goodness for small miracles.

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