Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inexplicably, I love these guys.

So, I was blog hopping a couple of days ago and found this-- Confessions from a Mormon Bachelor Pad.

They're two guys who met on their church missions in Ireland and are now best friends living with a bunch of roommates in Salt Lake City. And essentially they chronicle their lives--mainly their dating lives.

I found them through a blog post that was blasting them as shallow, womanizing douchebags. So, of course I had to check them out.

There was some truth to what the original blog post said, but they're not nearly the villains that it made them out to be.

I know that as a somewhat feminist woman--a woman they would certainly rate as ugly and/or fat--I should hate them, but for some reason I don't. I freakin' love them.

Yes, they're pretty shallow, but at least they are aware of that fact and they acknowledge it.

And really, aren't most young, unmarried college-aged guys kind of shallow? Heck, aren't most young, unmarried college-aged girls shallow, too?

So what if they want a hot wife who doesn't want to work after they have kids? I wanted a hot husband who made enough money so that I could stay home and read blogs all day raise our children. What's the difference?

And if you give them a chance and keep reading, you'll see some raw honesty and introspection. It's not all about dating, hot girls, their unchaste thoughts about the hot girls they date and degrading comments about the girls they no longer date/are too ugly for them to date. Take THIS POST, for example. I think this is the one that officially won me over. It's long, but you need to read all of it.

I think that's the real draw for me--their honesty. And that they, like me, have been deemed inappropriate because they talk about sex, among other things. That they can be members of the LDS church, have a testimony of Christ, but can still be unapologetically "sinful" and irreverent.

Sure, they're young, single boys and I'm an old, married woman. Sure, they're kind of shallow and I've (mostly, I hope) gotten past that stage of life. Sure, when I imagine the soundtrack to their lives I hear Taylor Swift and 'N Sync while my own soundtrack is more REO Speedwagon and the theme to Dora The Explorer. But somehow I feel like I've found a couple of kindred spirits.

Kindred spirits who would think I'm old, fat and possibly creepy for blog stalking them. But that's O.K. with me.

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