Thursday, February 25, 2010

They're BOTH evil.

Alright, so Tuesday was yet another fantabulous episode of Lost where they answered little to nothing.

Tick tock, Lost writers. Tick tock.

Anyway, I've pretty much given up on trying to figure out what's going on. I'm just going to ride out the rest of this last season and hope that whatever the heck is going on will eventually become apparent.

But here are a few of my thoughts and observations from this week:

1. I finally found myself interested in the off-island story line this episode. I really want to know who Jack's babymamma is. At first I was thinking "Kate!" but then I realized that makes no sense because they saw each other on the plane a few days ago and didn't know each other. And then I was thinking "Rose!" because Rose is always the answer. But again, not possible. And then I thought "Libby!" which would be kind of awesome. And then I thought "Juliet!" which would be even more awesome. And maybe Juliet and Sawyer are even dating now and that would set up the whole Jack being jealous of Sawyer scenario that has become so familiar in this series. But, maybe it'll just be the chick who he was married to back in season one (can't remember the character's name, but she's played by Julie Bowen). And that wouldn't be awesome at all.

2. I think it became fairly evident that Un-Locke and his followers are evil (I had my doubts last week. I thought maybe he was the good one). However, I don't like Jacob either. He's manipulative and seemingly uncaring, and I'm having a hard time seeing him as a benevolent force. Also, I remembered what's-his-name--Carl? Alex's boyfriend. Remember when they showed him in that room, with the thing holding his eyes open, forcing him to watch and listen to what appeared to be some sort of cult-brainwashing propaganda? One of the things that it showed over and over was "Jacob loves you." Now, if Jacob really loved him, there would be no need of brainwashing him to believe it.

Also, I'm starting to feel like Jacob is using Hurley. Hurley is kind of passive and just follows Jacob's orders without much question. I mean, even Jacob said that this week. He said something along the lines of, "There are some people who you can just pop up in the back of their cab and tell them to do something and they'll do it [referring to Hurley] and others need to sit and look at the ocean and think [referring to Jack, who is the opposite of passive in this episode]." And this makes me mad, because Hurley is my favorite character and I don't like the idea of smarmy Jacob using him.

3. I know Lost is science fiction, but it's veering off into the realm of fantasy with the lighthouse mirrors and whatnot. I'm not down with that.

O.K., so what do you guys think?

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