Sunday, April 11, 2010

All You Need is Love

I keep forgetting to talk about Lost.

So, Desmond was back. I love Desmond. I have a lot of favorite characters on Lost, but Desmond is my favorite favorite. I love Desmond so much I didn't even notice Sawyer wasn't in this episode until someone pointed it out to me.

O.K., so first of all--who said last week that the timelines seem to be bleeding into each other? That's right, bitches. That was me. And this week only served to prove me right.

Second of all, I was glad to see Daniel back. He adds a splash of crazy weirdo to the show that I'd been missing. Also, I completely forgot that he and Penny would be siblings and that he's Widmore's son.

Thirdly (is that even a word?), I'm starting to think that people who died on the island but are alive in the alternate timeline seem to know more about what's going on than everybody else. I can't really back it up with evidence--it's just a hunch. Charlie, Keamy, George (the limo driver)...they just seemed to know something. And if all the people who think that Keamy said something about the island to Jin last week are correct, then that further supports my hunch. I guess the exceptions would be Alex and Leslie Artz.

Fourthly (yeah...definitely not a word), I want to know what the rules of this "game" are. Ben and Widmore referred to them way back a few seasons ago when Ben showed up in Widmore's room and said he was going to kill his daughter. Eloise spoke of a "violation" in this episode, and I'm pretty sure she was referring to Charlie forcing Desmond to remember his life with Penny. And I also really want to know why it isn't the right time for him to meet her--why Eloise seems so dead set on keeping him away from her (see more on this in a quote further down).

Finally, I think that we're going to find out that it all boils down to love. A Lost Theorist named Vozzek wrote this, and I think it sums up my thoughts far better than I could:

"So who created this new universe? We've always assumed it was Juliet, setting off Jughead with that rock. Yet someone has definitely stacked the deck here. Someone with intimate knowledge (or scanning?) of our main characters has tried, in a very Matrix-like way, to create the perfect utopia for each and every one of our heroes.

In a careful, calculated manner, someone has been trying to give our LAX characters exactly what it thinks they want, but at the same time, keep them completely in the dark about what happened in their previous, island-based lives. They're using happiness to suppress past memories, but love is the one thing that wasn't counted on. As is so often the case, Love overrides everything else, spoiling the plan."

O.k., so I guess that's it. Every week I think to myself, "I give up. I'm not going to think about it and analyze it. I'm just going to watch these last episodes and enjoy it." But that never happens. I'm excited that it's almost over and we'll finally have most of the answers we want, but I'm also sad. I'll miss it.

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