Thursday, April 22, 2010


I think this picture is kind of awesome.
And UnLocke being in the Jesus position intrigues me.

I suppose I should talk about Lost today, but the episode was kind of...meh...

What I really want to talk about is my menstrual cycle and how it sucks. Or how I've got scleritis in my left eye and it hurts like a mother (Have you ever heard of scleritis? It fluctuates between feeling like your eyeball is going to burst and feeling like someone is boring a hole in your eyeball with a spork). Or I could tell you about Liam informing us that he's done going to school because he already knows everything. EVERYTHING. (So then I asked him what 3 times 7 is and the little turd answered 21, so I guess he's right. He knows everything. Who needs first grade?)

But I'll just talk about Lost. Don't worry though. Tomorrow is totally going to be about my period.

So, I really liked Jack's little Q and A with UnLocke at the beginning. I hoped we'd get more answers (because if I was Jack, I'd be all, "What the hell are you? What are you made out of? Why do you kill everyone? Where did you come from? How did you get here?") but in typical Lost fashion, Jack didn't ask anything we really needed to know. Sure, it's nice to know why Christian Shepherd was wandering around the island in season one, but I don't really care at this point.

Back in LA in the alternate time line, Desmond was making me uncomfortable. He was pretty much stalking Claire, and if I were Claire I'd have been really creeped out and calling security and buying pepper spray. But at least now we know where Ilana is and Jack and Claire know they're siblings in all the timelines.

O.K., so back on the island--Hurley's "You look good" to Claire had me laughing. All I can think when I see her now is "Give the girl a comb!" I mean, Danielle had been the resident crazy woman looking for her baby for 16 years and she looked way better than Claire.

And raise your hand if you thought Jin and Sun were going to get fried by the sonic fence when they ran to each other. I totally did, and I'll admit it--I'm kind of disappointed they didn't. I like Sun and Jin and I'm glad they finally got reunited (after two and a half seasons! Yeah, it's been that long), but having their brains bleed out their ears just before they touched would have been pretty awesome.

And Sawyer was kind of a douche in this episode. It's a sad day when I like Jack better.

Anyway, it wasn't a great episode, but it was one of those necessary filler episodes that's needed to get everyone where they need to be for something big to happen. I expect bigger, better things next week. Although who knows what next week will be about because we didn't get a preview here!

So if you saw a preview, tell me about it, O.K.?

Alright, that's it. Tomorrow we discuss my menstrual cycle and why it's proof the universe hates me.

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