Monday, April 26, 2010

The continuing saga of my pannus

(I was going to post a picture of my pannus here but I didn't.

You're welcome.)

So the answer I got today was maybe.


That's the best I could get today when I went in to beg and plead for my tummy tuck.

Here's the deal: Apparently, the combination of an overactive thyroid and the effects of anesthesia equals a very high chance of having a heart attack on the table.

That's why I can't have surgery while my thyroid is still acting like a wayward child.

So, I went and talked with endocrinology first thing this morning. This endocrinologist, like my regular one, says that it appears to be a temporary thing, even though the labs from two weeks ago look worse than the ones from back in March. He thinks I could possibly be back to normal by next week. Possibly.

The plastic surgeon had me go through the whole pre-op process today just in case, and drew more blood to see what shenanigans my thyroid is up to this week. If by some miracle it's normal, I'll have surgery as scheduled next Tuesday. If it's not normal (which realistically is the likely outcome), he will postpone the surgery until the latest date he can before I move--so, the end of May. If my thyroid is still being obnoxious at that point, then I'm just screwed.

I should know by Thursday if the surgery is on for Tuesday. But honestly, I'm not holding my breath.

Have I mentioned this sucks?

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