Thursday, April 8, 2010

It'll shrivel up and fall off!

So, boys are gross. They just are.

Last week I did laundry and Ben only had one pair of dirty underwear.

I hadn't done laundry for five days.

That means he'd only changed his underwear once in five days.
And sadly, this has happened numerous times before.

(Liam on the other hand always has, like, 27 pairs in the laundry. He inherited some of my OCD and I'm pretty sure he changes his before each meal and when he gets home from school.)

Anyway, I needed to put a stop to Ben's crunchy undies once and for all and I figured fear was my best bet. I told him that his penis would get infected from the bacteria and that if the infection got bad enough, his penis might have to be removed. Or worse, it might disintegrate and fall off.

Guess who had six pairs of dirty underwear in the laundry when I washed it today?

Male grossness: 0 Fear of losing one's penis: 1

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