Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicken Legs!

For years and years, every Friday night my grandmother would head over to the American Legion to play bingo. If I was at her house, I'd go too. Once I was old enough, I even played. Imagine 16 year old me sitting in an American Legion hall filled with chain smoking old ladies, with my bingo markers and good luck charms all lined up in front of my 25 cards, dauber in hand. Pathetic, no?

The guy who called the numbers (Onee, I think his name was), was, umm...an interesting character. Interesting as in toothless and rumored to be the father of his grandchild. (Yeah, just think about that for a minute.)

Anyway, he always had nicknames for certain numbers. For example, "O 69! Dinner for two!" (classy, right?) and "I 17! The Dancing Queen!"

And for B 11? "Chicken legs!"

Which brings me to the point of this story (I swear, there is one).

Today he's officially chicken legs!

Happy birthday, Ben.

(You can read about his birth HERE.)

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