Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're welcome, Lost delayers.

My pop tart tower is bigger than yours.

I really want to write about Lost right now. A lot. However, I had a bunch of people write and beg me not to talk about it until Thursday at the earliest each week because they, for various reasons, can't watch it until at least Wednesday.

So you're freakin' welcome. I'm restraining myself.

Instead I'll catch you up on a few tidbits.

1. We officially have real orders to Fort Campbell, KY. There's no turning back now.

2. Turns out that maybe my luck isn't as bad as I thought and my thyroid issue might have been temporary (brought on by my body trying to fight off Pneumonia and bronchitis). The blood work results will tell us for sure tomorrow, but all signs point to my eyes not falling out.

3. Liam can read now. He reads all the time, just for fun. I love how excited he gets when he figures out a new word.

4. We are now charging Ben full replacement costs for everything he destroys due to laziness and/or slovenliness. He had to fork over $20 today for a new pair of jeans and his class picture (the picture is seriously pissing me off. He just jammed it into his binder and creased it in a million places. He's eleven, and he's smart. He should know better).

5. The commissary had boxes of mini Pop Tarts for forty cents today (normally $2.79!). Each box has six bags. I bought all they had. There's now a tower of Pop Tart boxes in my garage. Really. A tower.

6. I will be gloating over how my theory about love was right writing about Lost tomorrow, so if you haven't seen it by then, don't cry to me. You've been warned.

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