Saturday, April 3, 2010

Not as pointless as I thought.

So, this week's Lost was just kind of so-so for me. I like Sun and Jin, but their episodes tend to bore me and it seems like nothing really moves forward in them.

This one was kind of the same, although we did find out that Desmond is going to be key in resolving the series (which I totally called a few weeks ago, thankyouverymuch.)

And I pretty much thought that was all we really learned. (Oh, and I loved that Jin got to see pictures of his daughter).

But then I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday with a thought, that if correct, means a big clue was actually given to us.

You know how Sun whacked her head and suddenly couldn't speak English anymore? Yeah, I totally thought that was lame and couldn't figure out why they'd bother to do that when there's just so fricking much else to cram into the few hours of show left. I was really annoyed by it. I thought and thought about why they'd bother to do that.

And then I woke up with my theory.

The timelines are beginning to bleed into each other. In the alternate timeline, Sun didn't learn English. Then she wakes up on the island and suddenly can't speak English. Just watch--I bet we'll start seeing more examples like this.

So that's it. My big theory.

I also think that the big deal Jin made about his name being Kwon and Sun's name being Paik when they got to the hotel was a clue. I think it was meant to show us that Jin is the candidate, not Sun.

Oh, another thing I've been thinking about. Remember last season when they were flashing through time every few hours? Remember in the episode "The Little Prince" when the time flashing Losties were in the canoe in the dark in a rainstorm and they flashed and were suddenly being shot at by unseen people in another canoe? And then Juliet fired back and shot someone, but we never found out who (the Losties never even knew) because they time flashed again immediately after? I bet the time they ended up in was NOW, and I bet we'll find out who Juliet shot (and probably killed), and I bet it will be someone important, and probably one of the good guys. Because that's just how Lost works.

O.k., so now my head hurts. I'm sure like every other theory I've had, these will prove to be wrong too.

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