Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Suck it, starving babies.

So, any of you who regularly read the comments here know that my friend Sylwia will not allow you bemoan your life circumstances.

It doesn't mater how bad things might be for you, she will point out all the people who have it worse.

You lost your job? Well, there are child prostitutes in India.

You're beyond stressed trying to keep up with life? Try growing up in communist Poland and then emigrating to the US only to live in abject poverty.

You lost your right foot in a freak lawn mower accident? Hello! Starving babies, people!

Anyway, I was picking Amelia up from Sylwia's house yesterday after my cryfest at the surgeon's office.

And she asked to see my pannus.

So I whipped it out. (You would, too.)

And then...and then she touched it. She reached out and gingerly lifted the pasty, gelatinous mass of flesh hanging off my stomach.

And then she said something along the lines of, "That's really big. That's bad. They need to do something about that."

Internets, Sylwia thinks it's bad. Sure, maybe not starving baby bad, but still.

I now feel completely justified in being a big cry baby about this situation. Your country is drought ridden and poverty stricken? Big deal. Have you seen my pannus?

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