Monday, April 12, 2010

No whammies!

O.K., so if you know what the title is referring to, congratulations. You're old like me.


I was thinking about Lost again today and how it's almost over forever. And that made me think about how one of the things I used to worry about was dying before it ended and never knowing the final answers.

Seriously--I've said this before. It was a real concern.

If I developed some terminal illness I was going to have the Make-a-Wish Foundation hook me up with Damon and Carlton for a little question and answer session on my death bed.

So anyway, I was thinking about that today, and how I don't really have to worry about that anymore because it'll be over next month and odds are I probably won't die over the next six weeks.

But then I remembered that I'm having major surgery just a couple of weeks before the big finale.

Crap, internets. I'm totally pressing my luck!* I'm tempting the universe. I can hear it now. "Dude, you know what would be hi-lar-ious? Killing off that Brandi chick with just two episodes of Lost to go. "

You know my luck. I'm the girl with the eight pound ovarian cyst.

I'm as good as dead.

*If you didn't know what the title was referring to, there's your hint.

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