Thursday, April 15, 2010

You can come with me or you can keep trying to blow stuff up.

That was my favorite line this week.

O.k., so have I mentioned that I love Hurley episodes? Because I do.

So first of all, I was totally right about love being the key. Which raises an interesting question for me. What about Locke? Everyone else has a "soul mate" from either the island time line or from pre-island life (Desmond & Penny, Charlie & Claire, Sayid & Nadia, Hurley & Libby, Sawyer & Juliet and/or Kate, Jack & Kate...I would even go so far as to say Ben & Alex--although not romantically, obviously). Locke, however, didn't get to be with his soul mate until the alternate time line. She ditched him in the pre-island time line. But I'll get back to Locke later.

Anyway, back to Hurley. One of the saddest moments in Lost was when Hurley was crying over Libby's body and saying he was sorry he forgot the blanket. I was really glad to see that he remembered it this time. Their whole storyline this week was really sweet and I loved it.

Now, onto Desmond. I was getting Jacob vibes from him in the alternate time line. Last season, we saw Jacob go around to each of the candidates and set them each on a path that would bring them to the island. This week Desmond was going around and in the same subtle way trying to get them to remember the island. You know, until he got to Locke. Holy crap! I did not see that coming. And it was awesome. I've never liked Locke's character, even before his body was inhabited by an evil smoke monster.

Speaking of not seeing it coming, I wasn't expecting to see Ilana get Arzted. I suppose I should have, what with the way she was carelessly flinging around a bag of highly unstable 150 year old dynamite, but I was completely caught off guard by it.

But what I did see coming was Unlocke pushing Desmond down the well. I'm pretty sure Desmond knew it was coming, too, but for whatever reason allowed it to happen. I'll find it very hard to believe if it turns out he had no idea.

One thing I'm not loving about this season is the way they're answering some of the big questions. Don't get me wrong--I love that the answers are coming--but sometimes it seems forced. Like the whole whispers thing this week. It just didn't fit in the show, and the way they worked it in was cheesy and corny. But I won't complain too much, because hey--now we know exactly what the whispers are.

I think the most worrying thing this season is that it really does seem like the answer to the whole show is Purgatory (or something Purgatory-like). I mean, Micheal saying he can't move on because of his past deeds all but confirmed it. It would be really disappointing after all these seasons to find out that the big reveal is something even casual viewers were speculating about way back before the first season was even half over. I keep hoping that Damon and Carlton are just toying with us--just doing this to tease everyone who so adamantly refused to believe it was Purgatory five years ago--and that the big reveal will be something better.

Oh, and was anyone else completely creeped out by the preview for next week? That song from Willy Wonka is pretty much the creepiest song ever, but when you combine it with freaky shots of Claire and Locke it's downright terrifying.

So anyway, here are some predictions/thoughts/questions:

  • I'm now completely on board with everyone who says the mystery kid is young Jacob.
  • I want to know more about Aaron's role in all this.
  • I want to know why pregnant women died on the island after the incident. That was such a huge part of the show that they can't just ignore it.
  • I think Desmond will have to die to save the world.
  • Sawyer and Juliet will meet in the alternate time line and remember each other, just like Hurley and Libby, et al...
  • Juliet is the mother of Jack's son.
  • I'm still not convinced Jacob is a completely good guy.

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