Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate it, so let's talk about it some more.

Twilight. It's everywhere. I'm at Wal-Mart--they have it playing. I'm at Target--there it is again. Even at the Y there was an old lady watching it on her ipod while she was on the treadmill.

The books were bad enough. Or, book, I should say. I refused to read the rest of the series because the first one was traumatic.

And then the movie came out and I had to relive the horror again.

And now the movie is out on DVD and it's torture to the third power.

I have not seen the movie. I'm debating it. On one hand, I've heard it's so cheesy and ridiculous that it's practically high comedy. On the other hand, it's Twilight. Enough said.

My awesome friend Crystal sent me this today and I think it's worthy of sharing (they do use the F word a few times--be warned). There are links to parts 2, 3 and 4 at the end of part 1.

Also, in case you missed it, here's a link to my original Twilight tirade.


  1. That was freaking hilarious! I'm gonna watch Twilight again (yes, I've already seen it -I'm so ashamed) just to see my new favorite characters!

  2. OMG, that was hilarious. I actually commented. It almost makes me want to see the movie. Almost. I'm determined to finish the series. I'm more than halfway through. I hate the series and myself a little more every time I read it.

  3. I think you are a closet twilight lover. Admit it!

  4. Marianne--

    If it had come out 18 years ago and starred Winona Ryder and River Phoenix, I'd have been the biggest fangirl EVER.

    But as it is, and considering my age...not so much.

  5. Brandi,
    Maybe you are missing the point!!! Most people love it... LOVE it! Just because you hate twilight doesn't mean the rest of the world does hence why you see it everywhere. Giggles.

    By the way New Moon comes out Nov. 20th 2009....

    Just when you think it's over it starts again.

    Sorry you hate the book.... The movie is really cheesy!!!! I didn't like it. but maybe you would we are opposites.

  6. Brandi, I highly recommend seeing the movie for the sheer ridiculousness of it. People were honestly laughing out loud at parts that weren't supposed to be funny in the theater.

    See the movie. You'll feel even more justified in your loathing!

  7. brandi

    i think you already may know my opinion on the book. i found it so boring that i fell asleep over and over again and that's when i wasn't pregnant and on methyldopa. i finally decided that it was not worth my time. teen romance has never been my genre.

    but i must say i had a blast with Fat frumpy four when we went to the midnight showing on opening day. i've never been in a movie with that many silly teenagers around us. we all had a lot of fun. i just wished you were there. come on, brandi, you know how to laugh...

    even though i don't think the book is interesting or all that well written, i still call Stephanie Meyer a genius.

    just like J.K. Rowling found a way to write 500+ page books that little boys read over and over again even if they dont like to read, Stephanie Meyer found a way to write 500+ page books that teenage girls obsess with.

    when any author finds a way to do that, i am grateful that they exist, because they do way more for literacy than the Laura Bush campaign...

  8. Brandi - borrow someone's copy and watch it. Don't spend money to rent it or anything, it's not worth it. But borrow and watch. Mostly because all of us twihaters LOVE the movie. Because RPattz looks like he's going to cry over his career and KStew really does only have 2 faces. I'm borrowing it so Cheyenne can watch it for his horror movie blog. He can't wait to review it. It's SO bad! When he does review it, I'll let you know.

    And Cactus, Golden Onion, and Front Door are my favorite characters.

    I agree with Sylwia. The woman is a genius. After reading stuff about SMeyer I wonder if she did it all as a "gotcha!" I mean, sure, they blow...but she's the one laughing to the bank (with bodyguards since she's probably stalked often) Then again, I feel bad for the woman's husband. How's he feel about Eddie?


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