Friday, March 27, 2009

The Twilight Stomach Virus Strikes Again.

This time it got Amelia.

Just look:

See? It totally turned her into Bella.

Also, if you ever want to guarantee that your child will vomit red Gatorade, simply put them in a brand new car seat. You know, the one you bought because the old one had been vomited on just a few too many times.

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  1. i make it a point to only buy clear Gatorade when my kids are sick, if i cant find it, i buy yellow. never red or blue.

  2. Red is what happens when one's imperfect husband buys the gatorade. I'm sure Josh would never do such a thing.

  3. i dont know if he would or not, i just know i would give him "clear" instructions...

  4. Gah, I hope Ainsley never contracts the Twilight virus. Keep that in Georgia. I don't want it here. Wait, unless I could get friend went into labor because she caught something nasty from the CDC. Maybe I want it.


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