Sunday, March 1, 2009

Storm Watch 2009 **UPDATED**

So, at about 4:00 tonight we get a call from the automated calling service for the school district. School is canceled in our county tomorrow because we might get--brace yourselves, now--one inch of snow. Maybe.

As of right now at 11:30 PM it's 40 degrees and raining.

I'll keep you updated on the blizzard conditions throughout tomorrow (if we survive, anyway). I mean one inch... I hope they have the National Guard on standby.


I'm not sure if we're going to make it. There's chaos and panic. The stores are out of milk, water and toilet paper. I just don't know if we can survive 45 degrees and sunny, blue skies.

Just look at this school-canceling weather:


  1. We just had a good 5-7". No school for us, too.
    Hope it snows for real for you guys. Cold rain just isn't the same.

  2. Richmond County had a one hour delay. It's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I thought Maryland was wimpy when there was a storm, but the ground isn't even wet outside here. Have fun with your kids today! I know how you just LOVE to have them home on the weekdays:)

  3. If Utah closed schools for 1 inch of snow, they would have had no school snow days almost every day this winter.

    By the way did you hear that Portland, OR had an 8 inch snow strom just before Christmas. My nephew sent pictures, showing it covering his patio furniture and of course his snowman.

    There has been crazy winter snow stroms everywhere this year. Is there something we such be concerned about. (...maybe it's your made up bad words????)

    So... if this storm hits you I hope you have your 72 hour kit ready !!! (maybe even your 2 year supply)

    Enjoy your 3 day weekend with the kids. LOL

  4. When I lived in Mississippi people still talked about THE DAY IT SNOWED -5 years earlier. Kids were rushed home from school. All government buildings closed down. It was legendary.

    It melted before noon.

  5. Everywhere had no school except DC (which would have had off except Pres. Obama made fun of the area for the panic over a few flurries last time). The roads were horrible though. I took my time getting to work. We had a 2-hour delay, but I came in after an hour anyway. I do plan on leaving early. For once, I'm ok with everything closing down, I just wish the plows did their job.

    Um, I hope you are safe. It looks like you may trapped for weeks! Hope you don't end up snacking on yourselves.

  6. Maryland was famous for this--no snow, and no school. Where you there for that huge blizzard in MD though? That was the time I didn't believe it was coming and had NOTHING!

    Oooooh! You have a LOST casting call ad AND a Top Chef link to Seriously, you are my idol.

  7. Brandi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I started thinking about the one armed girl while I was in church yesterday...I was cracking myself was so inappropriate...but I wanted to let you know that this story will never stop being funny.

  8. I lived in Minnesota for three years where a full blown blizzard of monster proportions would not close anything, they would just send their fleet of snowplows out in the middle of the night to work their magic, then I moved to D.C. where the government would close down and cease to exist if it so much as looked like dandruff on the ground, now I live in Hawaii where they close schools if it rains and there's no rainbow to be seen, they have to call a town hall meeting to try to figure out what happened.

  9. Having lived in Evanston, Wyoming, Logan, Utah and all over Maine, I can say that Southerners are snow wussies.

    In Evanston we'd get 3 feet of snow and have to use a blow dryer to thaw the front door just to get out and school would not be closed. In fact, during the 2 years I lived there, the only day school was closed was because of cold, not snow. It was 42 below zero, and they decided it might be hard to wait for the bus in that kind of cold.

  10. We just had a blizzard and school was on... 14 inches. School. Was. ON!!! Hey they got Socialism, but they got the snow routine DOWN! um, Global Warming my eye.

  11. Good to hear you'll survive. Try to keep the kid inside...45 degrees...they might get frost bite!

  12. Oh but Brandi, the thing you never want to see is Southerners trying to DRIVE in 1/2 inch of snow. I saw it happen when we were at Ft. Benning over in Columbus. It's brutal. That's why they cancel school, because the bus drivers have no idea how to drive in slick conditions. Heck, if it rains everyone around here drives 20 miles below the speed limit. Can you imagine if there was a little slush???

    And yeah, I do know a thing or two about driving in the white stuff. When I lived in Provo and had to be at work at 6am in American Fork, I'd be out putting the chains on my tires at 11pm the night before if it was snowing, because I'd be out on the roads before the snow plows.


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