Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Quite Right.

My sister's kids are, times.

My sister had seen a mouse or two lurking so she bought some mouse traps. The mouse traps had the words "Mouse Trap" printed on them (you know, in case you can't tell what it is).

She came into the kitchen to find my nephew, Aiden (who's 7), with a marker crossing out the printed "Mouse Trap."

When asked why, he replied, "You don't want the mouse to read what it is!"

Good thinking.

This is my niece (Ruby, far right) and nephew (Aiden, far left) with my kids during a week long visit a couple of years ago. This picture sums up the week perfectly--everyone crying or angry. It kind of reminds me of one of those children's sponsorship program commercials.
For just 50 cents a day, you could give these children a better life...

P.S. Just 12 hours until the swimsuit unveiling...


  1. I knew you liked country. I think everyone does... they just don't admit it. And NQR is what my family calls Mexico (and now I would say Hungary) because everything is "Not Quite Right" like light switches too low, everything crooked, ALMOST right. :) It makes like interesting.

  2. I can't believe your sister has kids. Isn't she still like 7? Are you sure? :) I think that makes perfect logic. When I started the post, I wasn't sure where you were going with kids and mouse traps.

  3. I read your google post, and I bet the only thing you did wrong was have your money add up too fast... I've got a whopping 3.83 cents I think... but we'll see. I bet they don't pay ANYONE.

  4. LOL!!! My kids are live entertainment all day long!! =]


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