Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you.

So, I used to have an arch nemesis.

And it's one of you.

(No, it's not Sylwia. Sorry.)

Anyway, she probably doesn't even know (or care) that she was my enemy number one for a few years.

I'd always found her slightly annoying, and then she said something to me that really got my panties in a bunch. I don't think it was meant to be deliberately hurtful, but it was, and I chose to be offended.

And stay offended.

I'm really good at that. I'm pretty hard to offend, but once I am, I stay that way for a good, long time.

I rejoiced in her trials. I would get a little thrill when I succeeded at something she had failed at. I even engaged in some borderline gossip with a couple of you (you know who you are) about her.

Then I started reading her blog. And I realized I really liked her. A lot. And I wish we had been friends.

I'm not really sure why I'm sharing this--I know I'm just going to be inundated with "Was it me?" e-mails and comments. (For the record, this is the answer you'll get: "No, of course it wasn't you!")

I guess the moral of the story is, never judge a book by its cover.
Judge it by its blog.


  1. Unless all our years of friendship were a lie, I like to believe it's not me anyway. Does that mean I'm not vain? Nope, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (though you can judge people by the amount of crazy they possess).

  2. so my whole point was, dont judge a book by its blog...

  3. It's totally me, huh? Because you think my blog is so awesome, I mean. Not because we've known each other IRL or anything for you to dislike me.

    I'm quite often surprised by how people look, after I've been reading their blog and fallen a little bit in love with them. I usually imagine my favorite bloggers to be simply gorgeous people. And even though, as Sylwia points out, blogs aren't totally representative of our characters, I like to think I'm getting a truer "picture" of my online friends by reading their blogs than I ever would by just glancing at them in the grocery store.

  4. Runs around singing "It's not me! It's not me!"

    And I know it's not...cause I don't have a blog. :)

    and for a second I thought it might be because we exchanged words on you probably don't remember...

  5. I have a nemesis too! :) (I too can play this little game.) Maybe it's the same person... Man I wish I were better with gossip! Is that why you didn't put very many of my recipes in the FM cookbook? I knew it! Or was that bc I never sent them... So I wish you could have just duked it out with me at church or something. That's what guys do. They punch each other's lights out and then they are best friends again the next day. Bring it! I'll be in Altanta in a few days for just a few hours. . . Or we could plan it for the next Talent Show. They would just think it was all fake. . . think Brandi. We've got to make this good.

  6. I can think of a few people that I had as nemesises...nemesisers...nemeses...or however you spell it. And I bet yours was one of mine...but maybe not. Since all my nemesis-whatevers are still my nemesis-whatevers. Maybe it was me?

  7. Of course it wasn't you, Crystal.

    Of course it wasn't you, Monique.


  8. It was ME! And you took it out on Lelani Perkiboobs--you are just MEAN!


  9. Of course it wasn't you, Harmony.

    (Because you would had to have actually spoken to me for it to be you, and with the exception of a book club or two, you never did.

    And THAT'S why Leilani is dead.)


  10. Brandi, the only judging of you I've done from your blog is that you're a really cool chick with an awesome sense of humor. And the details of Sylwia's assessment aren't surprising in the least. Since we both have issues with talking to people we don't know, I'm glad Nicole sent me to your blog one day last fall. Even though we don't hang out (don't take it personally - I really don't hang out with anyone except Nicole when she has three seconds free, which is almost never), I feel I've gained a friend via blog comments, and I can at least make a point to say hi to you at church now.

  11. The ymca pool guy must be some great writer!

  12. You really do like me? Oh, MAN!!! I never knew....


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