Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Morning Confessions: Afternoon Edition

I just realized it's no longer Thursday morning, but I haven't showered yet so it's still morning to me.

So, yesterday was fun, no?

I totally know who irks whom now--an unexpected bonus.

Anyway, since I'm in the confessing mood...

1. I think the Bee Gees are pretty much the greatest musicians ever.

2. Corn mixed with other food gives me the heebee jeebees. I may have already confessed this previously, but it's worth mentioning again.

3. I have had to ban myself from Target.

4. I would spend every last penny we have on new clothes right now if I allowed myself. See #3.

5. Some days I wonder if the Duggars are right, and I contemplate letting Ben take over the child rearing.

6. I think I may be driving on a suspended license, but I'm not sure. Long story, but the moral is: Honesty is never the best policy when dealing with the DMV.

7. Gigantic sasquatch feet do not shrink, no matter how much weight one loses.

8. I'm seriously considering taking a belly dancing class. No, really!

9. I changed my workout schedule in the hopes of meeting new characters for this blog. And I think I found one today. She needs more observation, but watch for a post about The Angry Chicken coming soon.

10. This post from a blog I came upon recently makes me dry heave:

Dear 20 pounds of baby weight,
You fell right off of me after B****** was born. I can see now that this will NOT be the case this go around. But once we have about 10 degrees of warmer weather, I will remedy that. Until then, knowing that my baby is exclusively breast-fed, likes to eat a lot, thus necessitating a higher caloric intake than I care to admit, will keep the fact that I'm a small heifer from making me want to cry.
It (the said 20-lbs) also keeps me from wanting to shop, post pictures of myself, and generally see anyone who might say, "Whoa, she's really let herself go." Oh well. At least I can still fit into a size 1 jean. Barely.


*For real, people, how long were you going to let me embarrass myself with the use of Addition rather than Edition
in the title?


  1. I can't wait for Angry Chicken.

    The comment by the size 1 blogger who is really a skinny heifer - just comfort your self that American sizes are totally wrong, that corporate whatevers made American sizes two sizes bigger to help American women feel slimmer. So girlfriend is really an ENORMOUS size 3. In mercy for the rest of humanity, someone should roll her back into the sea....

  2. Okay, so is Nicole providing you with material now? I LOVE Target too and when Perry is gone, I always go overboard there. Just feeding my pain I guess. :) But it is dangerous.

  3. Nicole is indirectly providing me with material by having the most stalk-able blog roll EVER.

  4. OH, the humanity!!

    Or is it inhumanity?

    That woman should be bitch slapped. No one should be a size one just after giving birth.

    I EARNED my size 1-ness after 4 kids with a good bout of depression. (I don't recommend it)

  5. Yes, anyone who feels the need to tell everyone that they are a teeny tiny size has issues, and I made sure to tell her so in the comments of that blog.

    However, I'd appreciate it if nobody went over there and commented further. The 3 month old that made her "fat" has been hospitalized all week with RSV and pneumonia.

    And that sucks no matter what size you are.

  6. i don't understand the envy over other people's bodies. some people are skinny and some like to eat. i like to eat. some people have clean houses and others have spiritually advanced children. we all choose what to spend our time and energies on. none of us can have it all, so we prioritize.

    also, some people just have better genetics. so what? i have a thin friend that got thinner with each pregnancy. she's had five children and almost disappeared. she is probably a size zero or a -1. i like her very much and i don't envy her.

    after all , i'm the one with a great sex life and the perfect husband...who cares that i'm not thin?

  7. It's not a matter of envying her body. It's the fact that she called herself a heifer and had "let herself go" but also said she was a size 1 all in the same breath.

  8. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I saw the Duggars poster, or it would've shot right out my nose.

  9. Would I be friends with Sylwia if we were in the same ward, Brandi? We are both pretty opinionated. She's not afraid to point out her positives either. I like it.

    Angry Chicken here we come.

  10. brandi,

    what's this minion thing on the right?


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