Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a tramp!!

Last Friday we bought a trampoline, then Grovetown proceeded to rain and generally suck as usual all that weekend. It sucked most of the week, too. It was cold. We even had a snowless snow day.

Today it's been downright hot (85) and sunny, so the trampoline got built.

Last summer my brilliant idea was to buy one of those Easy Set, big blue vinyl pools. Fun in theory, sucky in reality. It was a lot of work and upkeep for water that barely went above my butt. By the way, anyone want to buy a barely used Easy Set pool? With all the chemicals? We'll even deliver it within 30 miles.

While it was more fun than work.

Anyway, this year I saw the trampoline at Wal-Mart. It even came with the safety net. It was one of those moments where the heavens part and a shaft of sunlight falls upon the object of your desire. I needed the trampoline. Will was a bit trepidatious after the pool fiasco, but ultimately agreed that we really did need it.

And it's so fun.

And I've barely seen the kids all day long.

Now I'm going to go tend to my scorching sunburn.

You know what I like best about this picture? I was on the downward bounce so all of my excess skin and fat were suspended in mid air. Isn't flying flab hot? I'm too sexy for this blog.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Just curious, when did you start liking country music? Don't get me wrong, you know I like it but am suprised to be hearing Garth Brooks at your blog site. Is this yet another side of the soon to be red headed, skinny and perky boobed Brandi?

  2. You're lucky. I can't do trampolines any more. Two kids later and even the smallest bounce on the trampoline makes me pee my pants. Oh well. I guess I'll leave the tramping to better women than me. :)

  3. ha Brandi jumped for about 3 minutes and was worn out.

    And country sucks. :-)

  4. Hey, it was a workout! I'd already swam (swum?) a mile and a half before that.

    Country? What country? I don't hear any country.

  5. You are too sexy for your blog! XD

    I wish I had a trampoline, but ya know, there isn't a yard on this base big enough for one and oh wait, I know, I live on the fifth floor.

  6. I got a pool like that last summer too. It was awesome until it needed to be cleaned. Then... not so much. We're so getting a trampoline this year.

  7. LUCKY!!! I want one!!


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