Sunday, March 1, 2009

TV shows 'n stuff.

Sorry I never quite got around to my TV review last night. I know all three of you who read it were disappointed.

I don't have a lot to say about any of the shows this week, really.

I was thrilled that weaselly, lying, conniving, murdering Ben was back. That, my friends, was the Ben I had grown to love. I'm still undecided, though, about whether it's Ben or Widmore that's bad. I'm also wondering why Sun and Lapidus took off. And where the heck is Sayid?

Hosea won Top Chef: New York. I was sad for Carla, but what was she thinking listening to Casey? Casey LOST.

Battlestar Galactica has me confused and I give up. I just want to know what the connection is. What is Starbuck? Why did her dad know the song? Why does Roslin have a psychic-like connection to Hera? How could Hera know to write the music? I think Daniel 7 was Starbuck's dad and Starbuck is really the first hybrid, not Hera. (In case you haven't noticed, I think everyone is Daniel 7).

Honestly, I can't really remember anything worth writing about from Sobriety House. They're all crazy (except Rodney King), and they'll probably all end up back on drugs (except Rodney King and Andy Dick).


  1. Whoo hoo! First comment! I watched both Lost and BSG last night. I loved Evil Ben back. He'd been way too nice. But I'm wondering why the heck the mention of Eloise Hawkins sent him over the edge.

    As for BSG...I read an interesting theory: Sam's brain waves started going all wonky and Kara started to see her dad. This theory goes that Sam was actually using that crazy cylon projection thing to project to Hera and Kara the music. That it's somehow a clue, but that Daniel isn't Kara's dad, just used by Sam to get the song to Kara.

    Also, I've always been a Chief/Cally fan (Jen Harper and I have been in many an argument over it) and I've never liked he and Boomer. Never. And now I know why...she's evil. Really evil.

    Did you ever get bored of watching Adama watching them fix the ship? That's about all he did this ep.

    Oh yeah, and return of Head!6 and Baltar! Love it when Baltar sees her and then manipulates people!

  2. I have my theories on Ben. These theories are still developing, so there may be holes.

    I think he is literally Lucifer on the show. He has his "kingdom" and is supported by many, but along comes Locke (who keeps resurrecting somehow) and you know it's really his kingdom, but Ben just can't give it up and will do anything to get it back. Locke tries to convince everyone to "follow him." Everyone has to come back.

    The ultimate battle of good and evil. It's the basis of all great shows.

  3. OK. I'm totally not kidding. you know on Lost when John Locke was going around trying to track down all the losties who left the island, and he went to "New York City" and was sitting outside the school with his little driver dude?
    THAT WAS MY SON'S PRESCHOOL. I'm not joking. its in downtown Honolulu (Cole Academy) not NYC, and I saw them setting up for the filming last October when I was dropping him off. Pretty sweet.

  4. I'm so jealous that you're on the same island as Sawyer and Desmond.

    If they had been setting up at my son's preschool, I would have camped there all day long.


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