Monday, March 30, 2009

When lavender isn't so calming...

I cannot believe she did it again. Again!!!
After the last incident I hid the powder up high, waaay in the back of her closet. Behind things. Apparently it wasn't enough to deter her.

And it wasn't enough to just dump powder everywhere. Noooo...first she had to take out every toy she owns. You can't tell from the picture, but there was a layer of talc on absolutely everything in that room.

On the upside, the entire house, the vacuum and the outside garbage can all smell lovely and lavender-y.


  1. Oh, that tear streak down her cheek is enough to melt any mother--even one in the throws of "What were you thinking???"

  2. it could be worse...a friend of mine's husband was in charge of getting the kids ready for church, mom had to be there early for something else....well, he went downstairs to find the littlest one, (I think she was like 3-4 at the time) covered from head to toe with calamine lotion, clothes & all! Not only her, but the walls, the carpet, the TV, the VCR (ok, so it was awhile back), doorknobs, and on and on and on!

  3. oh, priceless. My son once took a container of cranberry juice and slammed it on the coffee table that I came in the living room to find red juice dripping from the ceiling, the tv, the carpet, walls, etc. He also inserted food in vcr...and everywhere else. This is why kids are born cute..or else we'd strangle 'em. Heh!

  4. I think she's been reading your blog, and just wants to be a vampire like your other kids.

  5. Blogs: Keeping Us From Killing Our Kids.

    I am SO impressed that you stopped and took a picture! Priceless!

  6. OK, she just looks creepy, like some dead kid about to tell you that "they're baaaaaack" - I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight

  7. at least it wansn't jam or butter, or desitin, that's what my kids would do.

    and why do you keep powder in her room? are you asking for this kind of trouble?

  8. Oh Brandi, What a mess!!! Well at least your house smells fresh and clean. "Even without Fresh Water Washed air from the Rainbow." See if you would have got one Amelia would have no need to make your house smell like lavender. wink wink... :) :)

  9. I kind of agree that she's kind of scary looking. She looks very sorry. I'm not laughing, really. This makes me feel better for Little Miss trying to play with her dirty diapers from the trash. At least I only have to wash her down.

  10. Tina--

    You know what I was thinking as I was cleaning the mess with my Hoover Wind Tunnel?

    "I'm so frigging glad I didn't buy a Rainbow. The one thing it can't clean is talcum powder."


    Yes, the single tear streak was pretty pathetic, but not enough to melt me as I was using the crevice tool to try to clean Little People.


    I told her I was taking a picture to put in the naughty file. You know, the one we e-mail to Santa in November.

  11. I'm with Sylwia...what are you thinking keeping it in her room?? LOL.

    I'm guessing there's not enough to keep for a third incident...

  12. Oh CRAP! That is so funny! I'm sorry Brandi, really I am, that sucks, but oh so funny! Someday this picture will prove to her the frustration she put you through when she was little so that when she has a kid just like her, she can understand when you don't give her any sympathy! That's what Erik's parents do! No sympathy. I keep saying..."Doesn't it count at all that I was an ANGEL?!?!?!" Apparently, NOT!

    But at least like you said, your vacuum will no longer smell nasty, but like lavender!

    OH, and I'm with Sylwia...I know pains me to say it, but why have it in her room? Do you even still use it? Mine would be in the garbage...never liked the stuff!

  13. I keep the powder in her room because her pull ups (no, she's still not potty trained) chafe her.

    The first incident was my fault. I left it on her dresser in full view and within her reach.

    But after that incident, I moved it up to a shelf that I can barely reach, and put it behind stuff in her closet. I truly have NO IDEA how she could have gotten it. Even standing on a chair she wouldn't be tall enough to even see it, let alone reach it.

    I have to wonder if she enlisted help from one of her brothers.

  14. Oh wow! That's awesome - in a not-so-good way. What a mess, but the tear streak kind of salvaged the day. :)

  15. I'd kill her.

    ok, maybe not kill. But I'd be pretty pissed and make sure she knew it.

  16. At least powder isn't permanently embedded like crisco and nail polish.

  17. That really sucks. It's never fun to clean up a mess you didn't make, especially a powdery mess that will take ages to truly eliminate. WHY DON'T THEY LEARN THE FIRST TIME!!!!

    I'm reminded of Ms Hannigan..."Little Girls..." at least you don't have 20 orphans plotting against you. I'd be drunk and miserable, too.

  18. Try and console yourself with the idea that you have smart kids. And someday they could have smart kids who do the same kinds of things to them. My mom delights in every story that I share.


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