Thursday, March 19, 2009

Since I have to wait for the laundry anyway...

I may as well post.

1. I had my color consultation today. I'm going through with it on Saturday evening. I will be a red head on Sunday. If you hate it, just nod and smile politely anyway, O.K.? And my stylist is like the real life version of Gay Chad. (Local ladies: He's the only male employed at the Regis Salon.)

2. It's not looking good for Will to make the E7 list this year (a promotion). The list was made available to those in high ranking positions today, and a couple of the soldiers in his unit were taken aside and told that they'd been promoted. Will was not. So, it's unlikely he made it. The list will be available to everyone on Tuesday and then we'll know for sure.

3. The pool has been broken all week. I have not felt the sticky film of chlorine and sodium from the primordial soup that is the Y pool since last Friday. That's 1500 calories I haven't burned this week. I feel guilty, like I killed a puppy or something. And I miss one armed retarded girl.

4. I bought a size 14 dress this week, and it fits. I realize 14 probably sounds tent-like to some of you reading this, but I haven't worn a size 14 since, like, 7th grade. And it's only 2 sizes larger than the last winner of America's Next Top Model (a size 10).

5. Speaking of my size, I have lost 57 lbs since January 14th (my surgery date), and 87 pounds since my highest weight (ever) in September.

6. And still speaking of my size, I was at the mall today and realized I could now shop for clothes in nearly any store--not just the fat chick stores. Awesome for me, a nightmare for Will.

7. I've become a little bit of a food nazi. I'm pretty sure I'm starting to piss off my friends.

8. In answer to the 50 (at least) e-mails I get about her each week: Sylwia is like a Peanut M&M. She has a hard outer shell, and it's probably a color that annoys you--like the orange ones. But once you dig a little deeper there's a soft sweetness. Keep digging, though, and all you get is nuts.

9. My friends and I had lunch today with the guy who tried to sell us a Rainbow Vacuum. I'm still not sure why we had lunch with him, but if a guy wants to pay for my lunch at Olive Garden, who am I to say no? He's actually a very nice man, but I'm still confused about why he wanted to hang out with five crazy women on his own dime.

10. Please, no more drama. Two of my friends' lives decided to implode this week, and I was who they called. I'm glad I can be there for them, but I've had enough now. I need some selfish time. I can only say this because they don't read this blog. Otherwise I'd have had to post my frustration on Marianne's blog anonymously.

(And this does not mean I don't want any of you to call me if you need me or have a problem. It's just that these partiular dramas have been draining, and the people seem to have no desire to make a go at bettering their situation, which is one of my top pet peeves.)

And...time to switch loads.


  1. Well, here's a little secret...when I lost all my weight post reflux surgery and everyone kept telling me how fabulous I looked and I got down to my skinniest of 150 lbs (still over weight for my height) I still wore a 14 in jeans. So 14 is skinny to me! Congrats on the stores opening to you, or possibly my condolences. XD

    The only drama you'll be hearing from me is the baby, or lack there of. Trust me. I'm going to spend all my time this weekend running up and down the stairs of my apt bldg.

  2. i want to read some of those emails about me!

    and no drama here, just a dramatic way i express myself, and the drama i create in other people's lives...

  3. Oh Brandi, when you told me that you wanted at one time to be a writer, I thought, "no wonder she is so good at expressing/explaining herself!" Seriously, you crack me up! Especially comparing Sylwia to a peanut M&M...oh my gosh, I'm still laughing!

    The only drama you get from my life is the drama that you Sylwia so charitably bestow upon me!:)!!!

    And you aren't pissing me off about being a food Nazi. I love it when you share your new found knowledge with us. A lot of it is stuff that I've heard and read before, but I just forgot. It's good to be if only I could hit that "rock bottom" point with my weight so that I would have the motivation to put it into practice.

    Way to go on the size are beating me out in that category!

  4. Oh, speaking of writing, where's the book we started? Please tell me someone burned it! It's like if I die, someone needs to burn the flash drive with all my fiction writing from college on it. I should get back to that actually.

    14 sounds good to me but seriously, sizes don't matter. Women's sizes are ridiculous and randomly assigned to clothes anyway. It's how you feel and look, and you look fabulous and sound like you're feeling good.

    Sorry about Will, but I'll keep my fingers crossed because maybe someone was just too busy to tell him ahead of time.

    No drama here unless you want to hear how my bowling stinks and how I'm trying to find a new best friend because vodka's been totally selfish and prickly lately. :) Also, I don't think I have your number or if I do it's from when we met in college so probably not updated because I never update my cell phone (or use it for that matter).

  5. I was going to ask you what size you were now. It makes it easier to see it in my mind's eye.

    Although.... I am a healthy size boobs are a size 18...and my ankles are literally 6 inches around, so I'm completely out of proportion... so I never get to find cute dresses. Here's to hoping you find cute dresses.

  6. Brandi,
    Jeremy didn't make the E-7 board. Oh well there is always next year.

    YOu don't have to worry you will make warrant in May hands down.

    Okay so what candy am I??? If Sylwia is an M&M what am I???? Oh I can't wait for this....

  7. i love it! tina is totally the life saver! what about you brandi, maybe one that shrinks really fast! and what about steph and ash?


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