Monday, March 9, 2009

Soup and Sweat

So, I'm going away on a girl's weekend Friday. I'm going to make them a pot of this. I think it'll be a big hit.

I saw this at Kroger today, and did a double take because I didn't think it really said what I thought it did. And then I giggled the rest of the time I shopped, because I'm 12 like that.

In other news, I have a problem. You'll laugh, but it's serious.

I have a real issue with, umm, crotch sweat. Lately I look like I wet myself after I work out. My hoo-ha works hard for her money. Got any suggestions?


  1. Ha Ha Ha.

    When I work out really hard, my boobs sweat. But it's not the normal under boob sweat that normal people have. I look like I'm leaking milk. So I guess it's nipple sweat.

    I think you shouldn't worry about your sweaty crotch.

  2. Um, Depends and nursing pads?

    And now you've got profane euphemisms for both female AND male anatomy on your blog, so let the good ads roll!

  3. Is it in the aisle with the Spotted Dick? I'm still not sure what that is, but Heinz produces it. I hope it's better than it sounds. hehehe

    As for sweat, no advice. I don't sweat. The minute I start to perspire, I stop doing what I'm doing. I'm close today, too. It's a thousand degrees in my office and I'm wearing a tank top. Glad I didn't go with the stockings today. Good luck!

  4. I have just read your last four posts and I was laughing so hard. Your crack me up!! Thanks!

  5. Pads. They work. My "friend" has to use them when she works out really hard. aka Soccer, volleyball, a rigorous game of tag... After having a few kids she leaks a little too. It's not all sweat. So I hear. Right Sarah G? (And she isn't the friend I am referring to. Promise.)

  6. I've started having the same trouble during exercise. I sweat more than the average woman anyway...add exercise, and it's like I urinated all over myself.

    I read online that you are not supposed to use deodorant (duh) or pads...because pads can irritate your pee-pee valve.

    The only suggestion that has worked is wearing dark clothes to hide the sweat and longer shirts.

    And personally, I'm on an anti-"anything cock flavored" kick...just on principle alone.

  7. Be sure to let us all know the actual flavor of that soup. I am really curious. I laugh like I'm twelve too and at the most inappropriate things. It is a little embarrassing. About your little problem after working out. I say, sweat is sweat. If it means your burning calories I would say bring it on!

  8. Man, I gotta get me some of that cock-flavored soup! That's AWESOME! And hey, if my husband can giggle everytime someone says "balls," and my brother can add a subliminal "hole" anytime someone says "but..." then hey, we can enjoy some cock-flavored soup!

    And yeah, I'm a big sweater, too. I'd like to say it makes us all powerful and Xena Warrior Princess-like, but really, it's just kinda McNasty.

  9. I have the sweaty boob problem... and I have been known to but deoderant under the jugs.

    However, after out boob job, I fully expect them to be perky and not a problem.


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