Saturday, February 7, 2009


So, the Bishop* called me this morning. He wants me to come to church early and talk to him tomorrow.

I figure it's one of two things. He either read this blog and I'm going to "get a talking to" or I'm getting a new calling.**

More than likely it's a new calling. Can I just say that I have knots in my stomach? I just know it's going to be something like teaching 9 year old boys primary*** or doing Cub Scouts or teaching Sunday School or something equally horrifying to me. I've never been so nervous about possibly getting a new calling before.

I think I may throw up.

*A Bishop is the local congregation leader--like a Pastor or Reverend.
** A calling is simply a job in the church. Teaching a class or leading the music, etc...

***Primary is what the children's religious classes are called.


  1. It could be your blog? Maybe???

    My bets it's a calling. How does Relief Society President grab you???? That would be my biggest nightmare.
    My favorite calling was Primary Activity Day Leader (for 8-9 year old girls), close runner up Young Women's Secretary.

    I know what ever calling you receive you will be great.

  2. Relief Society Pres scares the bejeebers out of me, but I was 2nd counselor last year and I absolutely LOVED it.

    I would love a Young Women calling someday--I've never had one and I never got to attend YW.

    Primary, especially senior primary, would be my biggest nightmare ever. As would Primary president.

  3. Perhaps you will be excommunicated for your blog. With all that fake swearing and all you are a Mormon gone wild! Don't worry dear, if they do the Episcapalians will take you back.

  4. definitely nursery leader. :) Remember how hard it was to find someone for nursery when there were 20 Amelias and Maleias and Jacks around??

  5. I'm so glad that I'm pregnant and told the bishop that i'm off limits for callings right now.

    i think it would be great if you taught Samuel's and Ben's class. i wonder how seriously samuel would take you after reading your blog everyday...i'm laughing already!

  6. Sylwia--

    I'm probably getting called to teach Sunbeams to replace YOU!!!!!

  7. Hmmm... maybe he's learned the truth that you're a Filthy Whore.


    Good luck with your new calling-- hubby and I just got tapped to be assistant librarians. Definitely could be worse-- could be Cubs.

  8. Green Jello

    the first part of you comment was so funny, that I'm still crying from laughter...

  9. Hello Brandi! I think this is the first time that I've commented on your blog, although I read it regularly. To answer a question you asked on my blog, yes the Wards are still in my ward. Because of illness and Stake Conference and the like I haven't yet been able to pass on your greeting, but rest assured I will! Good luck with your new calling, whatever it may be...


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