Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Update Volume VIII

I figured that since I haven't done an official Family Update in awhile, I'd better do one. (All the pictures were just taken 5 minutes ago. It's a little glimpse into our Sunday afternoons).

Ben is doing better grade-wise in school and is really loving the gifted program. Unfortunately, he's back to his old ways behavior-wise. I blame Christmas vacation. Who decided it was a good idea for kids to be home for 2 weeks anyway?

Liam is still loving Pre-K. He gives his teachers a hard time, but even they admit it's hard to stay mad when he flashes his grin. He's still in full on Jedi mode--so much so that the other kids in his class call him "Star Wars." Every day when we leave there's a chorus of "Bye, Star Wars!" that follows behind us.

Amelia now gets to go to "school" when I go to the Y every day. It's just an on-site daycare center that's part of our membership, but to her it's school. She brings her little snack in her little pink skull and crossbones backpack every day. She loves it. She's also recently mastered the eye roll. It's like living with a 14 year old.

Yes, that is the dead robo-kitty next to her.

Will finally lost the NCO of the quarter competition. He was so happy! Now he's going to be famous. The army is making videos of each type of training to put online, and Will is going to be the star of one of them. We should know next month if he was promoted to Sergeant First Class or not. We're hoping so--it's a nice pay raise. He's also getting things ready to apply to be a Warrant Officer this Spring. If he gets accepted it's a pretty significant increase in pay (especially long term), and it's a job he'll likely enjoy a lot more than what he's doing now. He's also back in school this semester. After this class, I think he only has 2 or 3 more classes to go until he'll have his bachelor's in history.

As for me, all that anxiety yesterday was for nothing. The calling was to be on the Enrichment committee. That's something I really, really enjoy, so I was happy to accept. Also, I've gained 5 pounds since last week. Actually, I gained a total of 7, but lost 2. I know some of it is monthly bloat--my fingers are all puffy--but not all of it. I called my surgeon because it truly seemed impossible that I was gaining weight. She said what's probably happening is that I'm eating too few calories and burning off too many. She said that would cause my metabolism come to a standstill. So, she wants me to increase my calorie intake this week and see what happens. She even prescribed pork rinds. For real! She said they're high in protein and low carb and the fat is minimal. So...pork rinds it is, I guess. The whole thing just seems off to me. I mean, anorexics don't gain weight. Survivor contestants don't gain weight. Just watch, this week I'll end up gaining back everything I've lost. Thanks, pork rinds.

I've really debated posting the after picture this week because you can really see that I'm bigger this week than last (who knew 5 lbs would show so much!). But I'm relenting. I'll post it. Just don't look at it, O.K.?


  1. Thanks for posting the new pictures. I just wish that I could be there to see you all in person. You DO NOT look bigger. If you put on the same clothes that you were wearing in the last picture there would be no detectable difference. I bet that a week from now you will be down at least 5 pounds. It is normal to take on as much as 10 pounds of water weight at that special time of the month. So calm down and stay away from the scales for a few days.

  2. Baaaawaaaaa? <--- a confused noise.

    There is not a speck of red in your church outfit? What happened to red and white? I wore both colors today and thought you would be proud.

    I thought we had something, Brandi. Sniff.

  3. I, also, was looking forward to more red and white. :) It's big picture and you're losing weight overall. I love seeing the pictures of your progress. Let me know how the pork rinds go. :)

    Thanks for the family pics. I can't believe the kids are so big.

  4. Steve's going WO too. Now we can be WOW (Warrant Officer Wife) buddies. I just made that up. Surprised you didn't know that.

  5. I'm with the red outfit ladies. You do have something different!

    But you look great and I have heard of this pork rind thing. Seems like your doc is for real.

  6. What about muscle weight? With all the working out you've been doing, I've got to believe you've been adding some muscle, which is denser than fatty tissue and therefore, weighs more than the same volume of fat cells. I think you've dropped some fat, added some muscle and ended up with a net gain.

    And for your other, non-local loyal readers, I'll just say that although Brandi looks great in the pictures, she looks even better in person. She just looks so much more 'up' and energetic and happy, not to mention gorgeous with her new hairdo and all. It's written all over her lovely face how much better she's feeling, and that's a very, very good thing.

  7. Ditto to poohzcrew! You are totally gaining muscle. You've been working out like crazy and you are looking so great. I loved your outfit at church yesterday. Don't let the numbers on the scale frustrate you.


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