Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My 15 minutes

So, I was going to wait and post this tomorrow, but I couldn't contain myself.

I got recognized today. Recognized!

I was leaving the Y and a woman passed me going in. Then she turned around and said, "Excuse me, are you Brandi? Brandi from the blog?"

Why yes, yes I am!!!

"I Love your blog! I wondered if this was the famous Y you go to."

(I stand there speechless, like the dork I really am).

"Is Lawrence of Arabia in the pool? I want to have a run in with him."

Ummm, I don't know. I was on the tread mill.

"Well, it's great meeting you. I'm a big fan. (She's a big fan!!!) I've been hoping to run into you somewhere, and now I have. Are you going to write about this? (Uh, is the Earth round?) If you write about this, give me a shout out. I'm Lauren."

So, hey Lauren!!!! You couldn't have made me feel any better if you'd asked for my autograph (which I totally would have given you). You made my whole week.

I'm still a little giddy, actually.

~Brandi from the blog


  1. When you were born my crazy Aunt Geraldine, who was very into predicting the future, did your life time horoscope as a shower gift. It came up over and over that you would be famous and known all over the world. Could this be it?

  2. How fun to be recognized! I keep telling Adam he should read your blog. Of course this is when he's on the phone with me and I'm laughing at your blog, totally ignoring him. Oh...Brandi, you're wittiness is making me neglect my husband!

  3. That's great! i still think you should submit this story to the news! it's just about the greatest story ever told! you should be famous for this!

  4. That's awesome!! You have a nice blog stalker - now she can actually be called a fan since you've met. :) Who's going to be next? When you hit the big time, I'm going to be like "I remember Brandi back when..." and then I'll share some totally random story from book club, enrichment meetings or anything I can think of.

  5. by the way, i've been sending your link to your filthy whore story to lots of people, in hopes of making you more famous. naturally funnypeople are hard to find, people need your humor...

  6. Dear ... Oh What Was Your Name?... Um Oh Yeah (BRANDI)

    Just Wanted to say hi. From one of the little people you stepped over on your way to stardom.

    You Go Girl!!!!

  7. That's awesome! I'll have to drag out the old photos to sell to the tabloids now.

  8. How the heck did she recognize you?? Do you advertise your blog somewhere? I know, that's a stupid question...but seriously.

  9. brandi

    with that many hits per day you could probably start advertising. my cousin "jane" make 50 dollars per month or something like that. it' not much, but it's easy money...

  10. $50 bucks is getting your nails done...or a nice dinner out.

  11. I've been thinking about having ads. I don't feels like I'm selling out.

    On the other hand, $50 bucks a month for a year is 1/3 of a new set of boobs...

  12. I would stop reading your blog if you started advertising.

    Just kidding. It's not selling out. It's being smart.

  13. And to think that I had the chance to get your autograph before you were famous!!

    I could sell it on ebay!!!

    your blog IS fun and your humor and honesty are great. I totally am not surprised you have a fan club.

  14. hey brandi, can you bring the battlestar gallactica on saturday morning. i really need a distraction, i'm feeling horrible...thanks.

  15. You are selling out! No really, put up the ads and be famous for 15 hours and get your new boobs. I'd do it.

  16. Nothing is considered "selling out" if it means new boobs. New boobies trumps everything.

  17. Hey, you DO have ads now! I think you should get one of those funds counters (you know, like the Red Cross does for blood drives), but make it BOOBS!!!

    (I'm sure Crystal knows someone who can make that!) ;-)

    You are TOTALLY famous--basically you're Dooce (with a little less swearing, I guess)

  18. I recognized Brandi from her amazing before and after shots!!

    Thanks for the shout out!! I can't believe I'm a whole blog post on a REAL blog.

    Nicole and Lydia and Jared, if you happen to read this I love your blogs to.

    I swear I'm not a crazy stalker.

    I saw this blog on Stumble Upon and read it because it was written by a local sistah. Then I got addicted, and now I'm noticing that Brandi's friends are just as "awesome" as she is.


    PS. I almost never used my YMCA membership until I read this blog. Then I started going just to try to meet miss Brandi and Lawrence of Arabia.


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