Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Emergency

So, about 10 minutes after I posted that last rant about my kids having the audacity to have 4 consecutive days off of school, my friend Sylwia called me.

The conversation went something like this:

S: Are you busy today?
Me: Well, I'm doing house work and babysitting for S.P.
S: For how long? This is an emergency.

(Now, please note that Sylwia is pregnant and also has 4 kids who are prone to stabbing one another, burning themselves... that sort of thing. The family motto seems to be, "If you maim yourself, Dad (who is a doctor) can just fix it." So, they live on the edge. Anyway, armed with this knowledge, I was thinking premature labor or pre-schoolers missing limbs.)

Me: What's wrong?
S: A, T and I are going to Atlanta to Ikea. You need to come. It's an emergency.
Me: Hold on.

(So I go to make sure Will was O.K. with me leaving him with our beasts..er..children for the rest of the day. He had just finished cleaning poop off Liam, who was so busy playing outside he failed to come in and use the bathroom. And as I was talking to him, Amelia came in, naked, and informed us she had just left a steaming pile on her bedroom floor. So, at this point it wasn't so much asking if he cared as it was just letting him know I was running away from the house of feces. I was unshowered, there were 6 loads of laundry to be folded, and I hadn't gone grocery shopping in a week. But it was an emergency! How could I say no?)

Me: I still need to shower. Can I have an hour?
S: Sure, we'll pick you up on the way.

And then I spent the next 8 hours talking about dirty, dirty sex and homophobia with a minivan full of Mormon Ladies.

It was the best emergency EVER.


  1. Brandi
    you really have a way with words, i could not have described my emergency any better. how do you do it? no wonder you are famous...

  2. I'm so jealous. People around here don't have fun emergencies. Ever. And IKEA can definitely cause some serious emergencies!

  3. I wanna go to! My Ikea is only an hour a way and I can't seem to find the time. Maybe I just need to plan a little emergency.

    Boy, I'd like to be in that minivan. But I'd probably monopolize the conversations with talk of tv instead of all those other things people like to talk about.

  4. Oh you and your emergencies! I was thinking YOU were in the emergency room. Dang you scaring me. But this is better, so I am okay. Let me just take a deep breath. . . Don't do that again! (mom voice)

  5. One word: Awesome.

    (did you know here in "paradise" there is not IKEA? Where am I going to get fun napkins? WHERE?)

  6. Next time swing by and pick me up. I'm only a few...(cough)days away.

  7. Brandi,
    When I read your post update Emergency I got really worried. When you mentioned Sylwia's name I thought for sure you were in the hospital.
    Oh yeah you got to watch out for that S and A they told me on my B-day my garage was on fire!!!

  8. What a super fun girls day out! I have discovered over the years the importance of having them to keep your sanity. I would agree that a day like that is subject to be titled an emergency.:) If mom ain't happy ain't no one happy. Good for you!

  9. Your emergency sounds like SBW with the subject matter talked about. Especially the sex part.

    You need to get these friends together on Monday, March 2nd. There's going to be an emergency in Savannah somewhere. I think I'll need you to rescue me.


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