Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brandi's Week In TV Review Vol. 4 (Updated)

It was a so-so week in TV land.

Lost: Still getting better week by week, although I feel like the writers are spending so much time on the action and trying to get all the questions answered that they're ignoring the dialogue between characters. Ben used to have the best lines and monologues. Now? They've reduced him to saying pithy little cliches. Although I did see a glimpse of the Ben I love this week--Jack: "What's going to happen to all these other people?" (referring to the fact that the plane will crash). Ben: "Who cares?"
So, here are the questions/theories I'm left with this week.
1. Where is Aaron? I think Kate is being typical Kate. I think she wants a life with Sawyer. I think she gave Aaron to Claire's mom (how convenient she was in town), and has decided to go back for Sawyer (breaking Jack's heart, once again, along the way).
2. How did Hurley know to be there? I say Charlie came and told him. And I think the guitar was the sub for Charlie, since things had to be as close to the first crash as possible.
3. Sayid. Why was he there? Why Guam? I have no theories, but it was as though he and Kate had switched situations. On the first flight, Kate was the fugitive with the marshal and Sayid was the one going to find his true love. Now, Sayid is the fugitive with the marshal and Kate is the one going to find her true love.
4. Dharma Jin!! So, all I can think is that the island finally stopped skipping at a point in the past (60's, maybe 70's), and Jin joined the DI (probably for survival).
5. Sun left her daughter behind! No theory there, just surprised.
**6. How could I have forgotten to talk about the Narnia reference? The Lamp Post. The way to find yourself in another place and time.

Top Chef: New York:
Totally and completely unfair. Shame on you, producers! The top 4 earned their places in the finals and it's not fair to throw in a 5th finalist to compete against. I was pretty upset at that twist. This isn't Survivor. These are people with careers--people for whom a win will change their career forever.

Battlestar Galactica:
Eh. Not so great this week. Ellen was back to her old ways, which is why I disliked her in the first place and was angry that she was the 5th. I felt bad for Caprica 6.
I was kind of excited that they were going to name the pop-tart Liam, though.
I wish they'd just let the Baltar storyline peter out. I like his character a lot, but the whole cult storyline isn't going anywhere. Unless, of course, he's Daniel 7. I was completely shocked that Tirol wanted to leave the fleet. I really thought he would want to stay. His decision makes little sense to me. In general: No cliff hanger, not enough Starbuck and Lee, nothing really answered.

By the way, if you really love me you'll buy me this. (ordering info found HERE.)

Cylon Toaster

Makes toast like this. Hello! Frak Off toast!!!!

(Sorry about the italics for this part. Blogger hates me and I can't turn them off.)

Celebrity Rehab: Sobriety House: I'm officially in love with Rodney King. Not in a romantic way, but just as a fellow human being. I don't know, there's just something about watching someone truly work at being a better person and seeing them succeed with flying colors that makes me happy. And I think Andy Dick is following in his footsteps. To see him realize that what Seth was doing to the group was what he had done to people in the past was pretty great. Speaking of Seth, I was so sick of his whole "catch me if you can" attention getting game. I think Steven Adler summed it up best when they were in group. The conversation was all about Seth (who wasn't even there) and Steven finally said what I was thinking: "F*** Seth." Amen to that. And as a side note, I have Crazy Town's "Butterfly" on my MP3 player for working out. Whenever it comes on now, I feel guilty. Like I'm somehow supporting his crack habit or something.


  1. My LOST theory is that it still skips...only because when John left, the station/well were not there.If Jin joins the DI, they have to move at least one more time. Maybe they skip less often?

    I think Rodney King has had a LOOOONG history with alcohol...and it wasn't the beating that led him to drink. I do appreciate that he's getting his life together. And Seth is such a loser. I wish Jen would kick his butt to the curb.

  2. BAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Cylon Toaster! That's the most hilarious slash awesome thing I've seen all year. Holy frak I can't wait to show Whig.

  3. yeah, the Lost situations have me :um: Lost. I'm perplexed on where those dang children went.
    and Battlestar Galactica?
    you ARE awesome

  4. Top Chef made me SOOOO mad! I am so glad stinking Jeff didn't get a spot I have issues with his hair. Don't even get me started.

    Sniff, but Fabio LEFT! I was putty in his Italian hands.

    I think I'm a little too invested in these shows. Also, you are pulling in the bucks with the ads. Click, click people!!!!

  5. I had a huge boo boo and I won't get to see BSG for a week! Ugh. I'm this close to buying it from iTunes. I know, it's just a couple bucks, but I think that Steve Jobs is taking over the world and I'd rather not support such a thing.

    As for the toaster, I told Cheyenne I wanted it back when they offered the special edition stainless steel one. Fancy. I am going to order the propaganda posters for Cheyenne. But I want frames with no hard do you think that will be to find?

    As for Lost it's still feeling predictible. I'll have a whole boat load when I blog...but I leave you with this:
    Frank Lapedis: We're not going to Guam are we?

  6. I was totally pissed off with Top Chef. First, I agree, it was totally unfair to bring on the old contestants. And then to see my lover boy Fabio leave. So. Very. Sad.

  7. I just realized I never watched all of Top Chef! I only saw through the Quickfire. I paused it because Battlestar was coming on. Then I wasn't thinking and I deleted it from the DVR.

    It's on again right now, so I'll finish watching later.

    I was reading your comments and was like, "how do you know Jeff didn't get a spot? What do you mean Fabio went home?"

    Argh. I guess on the bright side that means Carla made it. I was hoping for a Carl/Stefan/Fabio finale.

  8. Ok...another Lost theory. Maybe Kate is pregnant and she is Claire's proxy. Didn't she just get it on with Jack? or one of my friends thinks Aaron could still possibly be on the plane, just sitting in coach.

    I was disappointed in how they got to the island in one episode. Come on...where's the conflict? That was way too easy.


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