Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day, Vomiting and Vengeance

First, let's just get the picture out of the way. I'm not one bit happy about it. I look FATTER than I did last week, even though I'm 7 pounds lighter. Proof that clothes can make or break you. Everything I'm wearing is about 3 sizes too big. I have 7 safety pins strategically placed to keep my clothes from falling off all together. I really, really want to just go buy new clothes (I did buy a new pair of jeans, 4 whole sizes smaller than the pair I was wearing the day of surgery), but I'll (hopefully) just shrink out of the new clothes, too. So, it would be a waste of money. There's a weight loss surgery clothing exchange at the hospital, but all they have are clothes that are too big for me now. And I've yet to find a decent thrift shop.

Anyway, here's my frumpy 1 month post surgery picture.

Day of surgery--11 days post op (-20 lbs)--18 days post op (-29 lbs)--25 days post op (-24 lbs)

Day of surgery--32 days post op (-31 lbs)

So, onto Valentine's Day.

We double dated with our friends, the Bastians. Tina planned everything, which was great. I just relaxed and waited for her e-mails. She'd ask my opinion, and I would answer, "I'm fine with whatever you guys want!" And I meant it.

First, we went to dinner at a little Italian place. This brings me to the vomiting part. The food was wonderful, although they didn't have anything particularly gastric bypass friendly. I made do with a lemon chicken breast and pasta with marinara sauce. Pasta is one of the things to avoid because it's just empty carbs and calories. But, I hadn't had pasta in a very long time. And I'd swum (swam?) 2 miles that morning. And my blood sugar has been excellent. And it was Valentine's day. So, I ate a couple of bites of pasta. That was a very bad idea. It wouldn't go down. It just sat at the base of my esophagus causing me pain until I finally had to go throw up.
Romantic, no?

Us at the restaurant. Totally stolen from Tina's blog.
No, my head is not 3 times bigger than Will's. I was leaning forward, he was leaning back.
Perspective, people.

Then, after a brief detour to the mall, we went to see Taken (that's the vengeance part). It's a good movie, although Maggie Grace is a terrible actress. If you like 24, you'll like Taken.

As for a family update, here are a few tidbits:

Amelia still has not cleaned her room. Will took all her toys away.
Liam got kicked out of primary today.
We made Ben surrender 1/2 of his Legos because they were out of control.

I'm waiting for our Parents of the Year award to show up any minute now.


  1. Brandi, read #2 of the rant I just wrote to Ariella on my blog. It's the AAAAAAAH! one.

    You should absolutely spend some money on yourself and buy yourself some clothes that fit. You are worth it.

    Get yourself something to wear to church that fits. There's nothing worse than sitting at church for three hours being uncomfortable. Except for maybe sitting around (or running errands, or being a mother) being uncomfortable. I promise you will feel better if you are wearing clothes that fit.

    Buy a couple of cute shirts, a pair of pants, and a skirt. That's it. Go to Target to get it. You don't have to spend a fortune. Come on, Ft. Meade south, girls, hook a sista' up!

    Oh, and get yourself a new bra. Go somewhere nice and have them 'fit' you. Woman, it's time to focus on YOU.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Karl said Liam was very good after his little time-out with you.

    And I agree with Marianne that you don't have to spend a lot of money, but get a few new clothing items. Even some Marshalls/Ross/TJMaxx/Target/Wal-Mart clearance rack clothes would make you feel more fabulous, as long as they fit better and don't require safety pins to keep them from falling off.

  3. I don't recall you ever wearing frumpy clothes. What's up?!! You know we're all expecting you to be super stylish next Sunday. Now, go shopping! I wouldn't mind seeing black and red again.

    Marianne should not only be a personal trainer, but a fashion consultant. Go Marianne! She can be quite motivating.

  4. Not to make you worry, but I still have issues with bread and pasta. When I had my Doctor Horrible party someone made choco crescents and I couldn't resist. Whoops, right in the middle of the opening scenes I went running to the toilet to deposit my crescent.

    I don't think you look fatter, but it's all about how you feel.

  5. I'm sorry to inform you, but you may have a problem with pasta forever. Its tricky to cook pasta so that its soft enough to digest yet not mushy.I never get pasta in a resturant. By the way... get a new outfit and feel as beautiful as you look.

  6. Brandi,
    I think you are beautiful. I am up for a shopping trip. Any time you want to go get some new clothes I am there.
    I also got a super cute picture of you and will on my blog. Check it out....

  7. Have you ever thought about Gluten Free pasta? You HAVE to cook it softer than regular pasta. AND it is more nutritious.

    just a thought................

    Do y'all have a DOTS?? they have cheap clothes that are cute too.


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