Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, you know those 6 loads of laundry I left unfolded so that I could attend to an emergency on Monday? Yeah, still not folded. Which means Liam was out of clean Lightning McQueen underpants in his drawer this morning.

He came strolling nonchalantly into the living room wearing a shirt and socks and nothing else to inform me of his underpantsless situation.

And as I'm digging through the mountain of still unfolded laundry, I look over and he's amusing himself by swiveling his hips (a la Elvis), making his penis flail around wildly.

There is a reason I wanted only girls.


  1. Yeah, well they (boys) never grow out of it. And then they become grown men who like to make it flail.

    Love the blog.
    And your kids are cute :)

  2. Oh, I'm aware. The original title to this post was "Like Father, Like Son," but my husband protested. :)

  3. "Like Father, Like Son" *snort*

    Our house, too :D

  4. Yeah, a boy's first love affair is with his wing-wong, then mommy.

    And it is just funny as heck.

  5. Yeah, and although Jared will have a fit if I accidentally let a cuss word slip in front of the kids, it's apparently perfectly fine that Jack has learned from Daddy that every other sentence may include the word "balls," "nuts," or my favorite, "nut sack" - because apparently those are medical terms, so that's ok

  6. what the heck? i have three boys and a husband and they do grow out of it!!! my older boys and husband dont do that!
    ...but little boys, well that's a different story...

    every once in a while someone tries to engage me in the circumcision debate, to which i always answer, "i have no desire to tell my son to pull back his foreskin everyday, so i don't care if he suffers as a baby" i usually win at that point...

  7. Haha...I *wish* they outgrew it! My husband throws his arms in the air and lets it jiggle if I happen to be in the room when he's getting dressed.

    I kinda think I would do it, too, if I could.

  8. Sylwia, I think your house is definitely in the minority. So much so that your house may be the only house on the planet containing men/boys (ok, they're really ALL just boys) in which those of the male gender do NOT use their fifth appendage as a toy.

    Vivian - "wing-wong" *snort* never heard that one, but I like it. ;P

  9. Sylwia--

    Maybe your boys and husband don't do it in front of you, but believe me, when they're alone and pantsless, they're swinging it around.


    Yeah, I would too.

  10. And that is the reason I found so much joy in having boys............
    Than and the temper stomp out of the room after the bath nekkid- also as funny.....................

    and Sywia- that really isn't a difficult conversation, honest.


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