Monday, February 16, 2009


Who decided it was a good idea to let kids stay home from school just because Abraham Lincoln and George Washington happened to be born this month?

How about we let Abraham Lincoln and George Washington stay home with them all day? You know, instead of me.

Will is home, but apparently he's having an episode and is hiding in the bedroom.

And the geniuses on the Columbia County school board gave them TOMORROW off too!

I quit.


  1. You could have spent today in the car. That's how we spent the day. I do kind of look forward to going back to work after long weekends. Don't worry, all will be back to normal (whatever that is) tomorrow.

  2. Move to Texas, they only get some of those national holidays off. :D the first year I was in college, I didn't get MLK day off (then the black student union had a protest...)

  3. Aiden had school today...banks were closed and mail was not delivered, but Aiden had school. Sorry you weren't so lucky. =]

  4. So Colson originally had today and tomorrow off of school. I kept him home according to the school lunch calendar, when at 2 p.m. the school called and asked where he was. I thought it was wierd I saw and heard so many school buses. Oh, oops snow make up days. Would have been nice if someone had told me, so I could have sent him to school. Or maybe could have called at 9 a.m. when I could have driven him TO SCHOOL. Lame.

  5. Oh please, you worked out then came back and surfed for a while. Who did lunch?
    Who cleaned up the pile of poop on the floor?
    And the OTHER pile of poop in someone else's underpants?

    AND did dinner and bedtime alone?

    (Hope you have a nice shopping trip.)

  6. Will,
    Don't you have a blog for these kinds of rants now?

    P.S. I cleaned out the checking account.

    Love you!

  7. Uh oh, Will just outed you. Fortunately, Jared doesn't know how to comment on my blog. :-)

  8. And to top it all off, you...or should I say Will...;), had my kids for a couple of hours! Thanks again!

    And yes, it is torture! Thank goodness it finally warmed up enough for them to go out and play outside!

  9. I spent the day in the ER because they didn't have any same-day appointments left for two little ones with high fevers. And I spent it listening to Hudson whine about how he had to go to the ER instead of school because I was an idiot and forgot that he didn't even have school today, so I was apologizing all over myself for it. (You just never know how long the ER will take and since - when it's in session - his school is only 9:30-1:30, I thought I couldn't take a chance on leaving him stranded.)

    Good for you for leaving Will to deal with all the poop at your house. I hope you got some nice new clothes!

  10. hey brandi thanks for responding to my "emergency" trip and spending half the day having fun going to atlanta and ikea. it was torturous fun! we fat ladies have such nice husbands...

  11. Amen...holidays suck. see my blog.


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