Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Score one for the pork rinds!

I've lost 2 of the evil 5 pounds I gained last week. Apparently pork rinds are the answer.

Also, did you know pickles have no calories? None. And Kroger sells sugar free sweet pickles. All the yummy sweet and spiciness of a bread and butter pickle but with no calories. I think I'm in love.

Ooooh, and Lawrence of Arabia was at the pool again today. I was already swimming when he got there. He sat in the hot tub giving me the stink eye until I finished.

My post tomorrow is going to require you to do a reading assignment tonight. Go here and read this. You'll thank me tomorrow. For those of you who are not LDS, have never lived in Utah and have no idea what's going on in that post, just know that the whole blog is a spoof of a stereotypical "Mormon Mommy Blog."


  1. brandi

    what ever happened to flashing your boob at sadaam? or at least adjusting your the wedgie in your swimsuit in front of the hot tub and flashing your buttock at him??? you can't just let this go!!! please have some revenge in your heart for our sakes!

    as for the seriously so blessed blog, i find it really boring. i know it's satire, but you are so much funnier in real life, than she inspite of her sarcasm. i really dont understand why people like that blog so much. not funny to me.

  2. Sylwia--

    You'll understand why it's funny tomorrow.

  3. a friend just linked that blog the other day and I couldn't stop laughing. Also, you mentioned that you and will met in Logan- Are you from Logan?

  4. Emily--

    No, not from Logan. Will is from Evanston, Wyoming and I'm from Maine and Connecticut (I spent equal time in both growing up, so I never know which to say I'm from). My parents decided to uproot the family and move to Evanston when I was a junior in high school, which is where I met Will.

    I ended up going to college at USU my sophomore year, and then Will came home from his mission and we dated and then got married. He moved to Logan when we got married. We lived there for 3 years after we got married, and then he joined the army and we've been bouncing around the planet ever since.


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