Wednesday, February 11, 2009


O.K. boys and girls, I hope you all did your reading assignment last night.

In case you forgot, you were supposed to go here and read this. That's the Christmas Card from TAMN (Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) at Seriously, So Blessed! It's a spoof of all the Utah Mormon Mommy Blogs out there on the interwebs.

Now, I want you to read this. It's long--I'm sorry. I didn't write it. This is an actual Christmas Card posted by an actual Mormon Mommy Blogger. This one is for real--no spoof involved.

The similarities are uncanny. Let's compare, shall we?

Seriously So Blessed Card:

Hot and talented feti.
Baby weight? What Baby weight?
Daddy's in business school and doing awesome.
A kajillion awesome vacays!
Life is awesome and happy and did I mention awesome?

The Johnson's Card:

All of the above and then some.

And the "rilly" scary part? The internet is just crawling with these girls! Kinda makes me glad we got out of Utah when we did...I coulda been her.


  1. Here's another one that funny (a spoof)

  2. well, i must say i dont get it. what is it about these blogs that bothers people? the truth is, these people really do have easy lives. they are not single moms, they dont have to work to support themselves, most of their husbands are not abusive and don't cheat on them or abandon them. we are all lucky to be mormon, because all of our lives resemble those blogs to some degree.

    my relatives in Poland have very different lives. I visited one great aunt, who lives in a slummy apartment without a kitchen and bathroom. there is a shared bathroom in the hall, no shower, just sink and toilet for the whole apartment building. my great aunt used to be married and she had three sons. all were alcoholics. her husband and two sons committed suicide when drunk. she is a lonely and bit depressed to say the least. is that what you guys want to read about? to make life realistic for you? well, i got plenty of stories like that.

    how did you enjoy the ny times article that i sent you brandi? were you able to get through it?

    i for one am glad that there are some women in this world whose lives are easy. and i am glad i am one of them.

  3. On the off-chance this person reads your blog, I am aquainted with a Super Mommy. She's like all into Super Baby Things like Baby Gymnastics, baby wearing, organic food, you know Mommy to the Extreme. That's fine. She then goes further and believes everyone should be the type of Mommy she is. So, as I look at my baby playing peek-a-boo but covering her ears over her eyes, I know it's because I'm not a Super Mommy and my kid walked into one too many walls. Whatever. :)

  4. Sylwia--

    It's not that life is easy for them. It's the BRAGGING. Not getting fat when pregnant. Kids taking calculus at 6 months old. Vacationing 10 times a year at rich mommy and daddy's lake house.
    It's the barely disguised "I'm better than you" message that makes these types of blogs amusing yet annoying.

    Take a look at all the blogs I have listed on my page. Most of them are written by LDS women with mostly easy and happy lives. I enjoy reading them. I don't find them a bit annoying.

  5. i must have missed the bragging part because there is nothing on those blogs that I lack.

    i for one do not like to vacation, especially with kids, because its just hard work not vacation to me.

    i dont want my kids running around the house at 7 months, who is the world wants that?? i'm rolling my eyes when they are walking at 18 months, dreading the next think they will destroy.

    and as for a good husband, i've met many men, but none come close to mine, so i'm never a bit impressed when people talk about their husbands. i'm usually glad i didn't marry one of them.

    on that johnson blog she "brags" about her husband getting a bachelor's in business from university of phoenix. i think she is just giving information. why would that be impressive?

    you want to hear impressive? my husband has a bachelors in molecular biology, a masters in business, and a doctorate in medicine. yes most of the time he was in school he worked a full time job and a part time job, and he still got up with the babies at night. i never worked a day since we got married and i was always pampered. how is that for bragging?

  6. Sylwia--

    I'm not sure how to explain it.

    As for the business degree part--I don't think she was bragging. It was funny because that's part of the "stereotypical" Mormon Mommy Blog. TAMN points out that one's husband must be in business/medical/dental/or law school.

    I guess the best way I can describe it is the difference between the "cool" people and the "not cool" people.

    There's a mindset among a certain group of LDS women that if you don't have X, Y and Z in your life you're not one of the "cool" people.

    The Seriously So Blessed Blog is completely making fun of all those things you need to be "cool."

    There are real women (like the real blog I posted) who like to share that they do indeed have all those things.

    What makes it funny (to me, anyway) is that those of us who would fall into the "uncool" category DO have those things--we just don't make it a point to talk about it all the time, AND we don't particularly care that we might be considered "uncool" if we didn't have them.

    P.S. I think your hormones are making you crabby. I love you anyway. Go eat something.

  7. P.P.S. Have you ever lived in Utah? I think you need to have lived in Utah to truly appreciate it.

  8. Speaking from experience, the older and fatter a woman is, the cooler she usually is...just compare us 5 to the rest of the ward, definitely fatter, definitely cooler...

    and yes the hormones are making me crabby, but even without them i am an opinionated woman...

  9. brandi

    i lived in utah from the time i was 16 till i was 30. all of my husband's family and my family live in utah.

    i dont know why, but my experince there has been different. i have several divorced friends, who dont have these merry lives.

    my sister has a calling as a facilitator for all of utah county for abused women and women who are married to porn addicts. it's really big in utah. all of the life stories i hear from her are rather sad, none of the seriously so blessed stuff.

    maybe that's why when i hear that people have positive lives, i dont mind, i'm glad for them and for their children...

  10. Well, here's the deal. We all have wonderful blessings in our lives. I could write volumes telling the world about the blessings in my life and I am not even a Mormon. But, each day also brings something unpleasant to deal with. I don't care who you're married to or what their level of education is. None of us have the perfect life. It can be irritating to have someone go on day after day about his or her perfect, happy life. I get where you're coming from Brandi.

  11. Sylwia, I love reading your comments to Brandi's blogs. I am glad that you are not afraid to express your opinions. Don't let her blame it on your hormones.

  12. When I've been in "happy valley" I felt that there was such competion--who has smarter kids, cuter clothes (with matching hairbows and socks!), who spends LESS on groceries but produces the most gourmet meals. It goes on and on. I think the bragging is a way of validating who you are and that you must be doing something right, if only on paper. BUT, HOW FUNNY (in a "I want to put my finger down my throat" kind of way!) I'm so glad I had a pre-nup that said I never had to live in Utah...(jk).
    It's everywhere (even in Iowa) and I just role my eyes. I have to laugh at some of the issues in our "perfect" family...sometimes the laughing is what keeps you from crying. Love the blog, btw. My 13 (and a half--I've been reminded) year old daughter and I read it together.

  13. Brandi, have you ever seen Veronica Mars? You should rent it if you haven't. There's a running joke about Unicornicopia. Who doesn't love unicorns? XD

  14. Dude...I totally used to have one of those lives. When I had two kids, and a husband who never deployed and easy callings.
    My kids were sweet little geniuses, I was Primary Chorister, my hubby was home and nurturing and wonderful. Pfff
    Then I had my 4th, Adam became a Ft Meade "linguist," and I got called as RS pres. What happened to my perfect life!!!
    I'm still picking up the pieces. The best part of all that was serving with you, though. Miss you chica and your little frog too.

  15. What I love best about that So Blessed Blog is all the good "virtues" that she passes on to her Miamaid class. It's AWESOME. That blog is hilarious. (And yes, I receive Christmas letters that are eerily similar to that!)

  16. (And by the way, what's annoying about those stereotypical blogs / Christmas letters is not just the bragging about their accomplishments and good fortune, but also the implication that those accomplishments/good fortune are a direct result of their spiritual awesomeness - and consequently, anyone without those accomplishments/ good fortunes must be lacking in spiritual awesomeness)

  17. I think it's something that women in general face, not just mormon women. You know, the "you can have it all/do it all" mentality. For some reason if you can't hold it all together, it's because there is something wrong with you because everyone else is having it all and doing it all.

    I like people to keep it real. I don't waste my time with people who have 'perfect' lives. (real or implied)

  18. HA! I LOVE that site--I swear there are several commenters (word?) on there that don't realize it's fake--their blogs are exactly the same.

    My favorite--when TAMN buys her Mia Maids their modest bikinis.

    (also, woman you are a very patient explainer. Me? Not so much.)


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