Friday, February 6, 2009

Good news and bad news.

We're only 6 days into Cancer Can Suck It Month (from here on to be known as CCSIM), and it already feels like a roller coaster ride.

First the good news.

In case you missed it in my last post, Harmony, our CCSIM inspiration, came through her surgery with flying colors and the doctors were able to remove all traces of cancer.

Also good news: Tonight I will announce the winner of the Cancer Can Suck It giveaway. You still have about 10 hours to enter.

Now for the bad news. Lorena, also an inspiration for CCSIM, has decided not to undergo treatment for her stomach cancer now that it's back. She only has a very short time to live. So, I guess that's one point for cancer.

Also, your entries for the CCSIM giveaway make me cry. I can't read them anymore. Your attitudes are inspiring but your circumstances are heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing with us and reminding us that even in the most dire of circumstances, cancer can still SUCK IT.


  1. I don't think that's a point for cancer. Cancer doesn't deserve any points. For any minute, hour, day, week, month, year that a person is on this earth, that's something cancer cannot have. Cancer can have a death - but not without a fight. It can, in no way, ever take a life away from the world. Those live on.

  2. That's so sad about Lorena--I'll be praying for her. I loved all the entries for CCSIM month and they were wonderful--so strong and brave! Thank YOU for making CCSIM fantastic!

  3. I feel so sad for your friend Lorena and her husband. I will keep them in my prayers.


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