Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brandi's Week In TV Review Vol. 2

Happy Saturday, folks! It's time again for my TV week in review.

(Crystal, Lost will be last this week just for you)

Battlestar Gallactica: "I'm coming for you all!!!!" You've gotta love President Roslin. Hell hath no fury like a middle aged single woman who thinks her new boyfriend just got executed.
I would like to officially say that I wish I could have been in the firing squad that killed Gaeta (or Stumpy, as I like to call him). My favorite scene of the night was when Lee didn't pull the pin on the grenade. Classic. And can someone please explain the whole Baltar/Six thing? I spent all last season totally confused by it, and then it was back again last night. I don't get it. But Six looks a million times better with longer, darker hair. Oh, and when Baltar first woke up from his dream about Adama's execution, I was seriously worried that the whole season so far had just been his dream. I would have been seriously cheesed if that had been the case. So here's my theory about how the whole show is going to end: Time travel. You read it here first.

Top Chef New York: Not much to say here except I was disappointed (and surprised) that Jamie went home rather than Lea. And I think Carla (my personal favorite) has a better chance than I originally thought. I think she's the dark horse in this race. She impressed Eric Ripert, no easy feat.

Celebrity Rehab Sobriety House: Oh Amber. Why? I had high hopes for you. I'm glad Steven Adler watched the video of himself when he was high. I still don't think he'll stay sober long term, but I do think it was a wake up call he needed. And Andy Dick!! I love him--I'm glad he decided to join the show. And I'm glad he pointed out that it was just plain old Rolling Rock beer that caused him so much trouble--that it doesn't have to be hard drugs or hard liquor or pills. Next week's previews are worrisome. I like Seth and things don't look good good for him.

(O.K. Crystal, stop reading now)

Lost: This week was marginally better than the rest of the season so far. Watching Sawyer watch Kate in the jungle was heart breaking. Poor, poor Sawyer. He needs a hug. I volunteer!
And Ben. I don't know. Why do you think he came clean so easily about being the one trying to take Aaron? Telling the truth is so very un-Ben-like. The best part of the episode was, of course, Jin being alive AND seeing a young and pregnant Danielle. (Although the Danielle part was predictable--I knew as soon as they said the wreckage was French). Anyway... Here's a vague theory about the Indian airline wreckage/camp. Something goes wrong and the O6 don't get back to the island. The island still needs people. Jacob still needs people. So, boom! The Indian airline crash. A group of different people doing the same thing as our Losties. We'll see. Also, I think I have the backwards talking Walt thing figured out--When Walt showed up talking backwards it was from a time flash. He was going back in time, and therefore spoke backwards. For example, if Sawyer had decided to speak when he saw Kate in the jungle, I bet Kate would have heard it backwards. I know there are a lot of holes in that theory--I'm still working it out. It makes my brain hurt. Hey, wait...why is my nose bleeding?


  1. so brandi

    i was wondering what kind of show battlestar galactica is and if it's too late to start watching. i wouldn't want to start lost this season, you know what i mean. i heard a prequel called caprica is coming out, do you think i should just wait for that? are you planning to start watching that show?

  2. I'm definitely watching Caprica!!

    Yes, I would say it's too late to start watching Battlestar--there are only 6 episodes left and then the show ends forever. We have all the previous seasons on DVD if you want to borrow them and watch. (and I think Will has burned all of this season so far as well). It's a great show.

  3. Oh, I didn't answer the first part of your question--

    It's about humans living in colonies on other planets (12 colonies--sound familiar?? They have a Quorum of the 12, too). Anyway, they build Cylons to do the grunt work, but eventually the Cylons become sentient and they rebel and there's a war between them and the humans. The show starts out after a long time has passed since the war, and the Cylons show up and nuke Caprica (the human's planet)without warning. Humans who were off planet in ships survived, and the show is about their struggle against the Cylons. It's way more involved than that, and a lot less science-fictiony than it sounds. I think you'd like it.

  4. I'm sorry but your nose bleeding comment on your Lost summary made me laugh out loud!! So very funny!
    A fellow Lost fanatic!
    PS: My husband is wondering how Jin got to the island if he was outside the "zone" when the ship exploded. He thinks since Jin has drifted into this "time" with a young Danielle, he may be stuck there. Maybe that's how Ben can "prove he is alive" because he "met" him in a prior time. Okay, now my nose is bleeding!

  5. "It would have been funny if you'd done it." Gah I love Lee/Kara. I could watch them walk through halls and shoot people for a full hour.

    I find it hilarious that Zarek thought that telling Roslin Adama had been executed would make her wilt. Yeah, right. Did he miss all the mushiness? Silly, silly man.

    Okay, so head!six or Caprica six is the one that is currently in the brig all prego with Tigh's little pop tart. The thoughts on the discussion threads is that the Six with Baltar on the base star is Gina (remember the one from the Pegasus that Baltar got out of the brig and she shot Ensign Roe, er I mean Admiral Cain)

    I'll comment further on Lost (thanks for that) after I watch it this evening. :)

  6. Interesting theory about the backwards talking Walt. But if that's the thing, how come Desmond wasn't talking forwards to Daniel? is it a constant thing?

    As for the show I'm kinda disappointed. It's getting very predictable. I'm not "lost" at all. I've got a pretty good grasp on where it's going. But when comparing it to the awesomeness that has been BSG, no wonder we are left wanting.

  7. I obviously meant "was" talking forward. whoops.


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