Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brandi's Week In TV Review Vol. 3

I've got too much to do and not enough hours to do it in today, so let's get right to it.

Lost: It's getting better every week. So, my talking backwards theory was shot down. I realized that Jin would have been speaking backwards to Danielle and crew if my theory was correct. I think my favorite moment of the show was Ben's don't-make-me-pull-this-carpet-cleaning-van-over moment when Jack and Sun were bickering. I'm torn about Ben lately. He was always so smarmy and evil and that's why I loved him. I'm having a hard time with this new tell the truth Ben. Or maybe it's the ultimate lie and I just think he's telling the truth. I thought Desmond showing up just as Ben & company did was a little cheesy. And I knew that it would be that woman, and I knew that she was Daniel's mother (I'm not referring to her by name because I'm drawing a blank. Didn't she used to be called Julia or something?)
I think the very best part is that the time skipping should be done now that Locke fixed the donkey wheel (Can you imagine what people who have never seen the show must be thinking after reading that last sentence?). Anyway, I had an epiphany about why I'm not loving this season: It's because they're giving us answers like crazy! I used to complain that they'd answer one small mystery and then create 20 new ones, but really, as frustrating as it was, it's what gave the show its intrigue. Now we've got Charlotte and Ben and presumably Daniel's mother (next week) just spilling answers left and right. I want the mystery back.

Top Chef New York: I liked the Last Supper challenge, and I'm glad that Carla and Fabio did so well. And I'm thrilled Lea went home. Not much else to say at this point.

Battlestar Gallactica: Anders, come back!! I need more info!!! Crazy. So, here's what I gleaned from this episode: The final 5 created the other 8 models (that's right--8, not 7!!). But I got a little twisted around as to who created the final 5. I think it was the humans on Earth? Right? And the final 5 were the 13th colony? And they came to protect the humans from the centurian cylons? But what's his face (John, according to Ellen) boxed the final 5 and plotted his revenge on humankind? Does this make any sense? (Crystal, help me out here. My brain is spinning). So anyway, the big question seems to be who was Daniel (#7)? Here's my theory. They didn't bring up that he was genetically mutated for nothing. I think Daniel is Starbuck. And, what do you think is going to happen with Tyrol's Cylon silly putty that he's going to use to fix the ship? I didn't catch this, but Will pointed out that in that last scene where Adama calls Tyrol, when Tyrol hangs up the phone you see a female arm in front of him. An arm that probably belongs to Six or Tory (I went back and looked. It's there). Dun dun duuuuuuun. I think our final 5 may not be as benevolent as we think.

Celebrity Rehab: Sobriety House: Oh the drama. What's with these people? Why do they think that going to clubs and Hollywood parties will help them stay sober? Mary Ellen needs to dump the boyfriend. And Seth? This whole drama he's created is annoying. You know what? Let him sit in his hideout and smoke crack until he dies. Don't follow his little scavenger hunt. To steal a line I read on another blog, "Don't engage in crazy." And Amber is kind of a whore. I bet she swims in public pools with men.


  1. I am SOOO glad that Leah went home, and I'm SOOO happy that Carla is still there. She's definitely becoming my favorite.

  2. I'm still bored with lost. nothing seems to be happening. i enjoy the "lost untangled" on better than the episode itself...

  3. Lost was actually good this week. I was happy to see Jin and grossed out to see John's leg. Ewwww....

    As for BSG I think you got it all right, except I need to go back and watch it again. (I'm not sure where the 5 came from...I think the humans of the 13th colony, but like I said, I need a rewatch.) I couldn't' help but like Ellen now that she is all godly. Weird, right?

    Cheyenne and I don't think the female arm at the end means anything. He was waiting around with the others outside sickbay for Anders, so it was probably just Tori. (Best part was everyone laughing about Tori and Chief except Tori. Sorry, we all laugh Tori because you are a hobag who sleeps with everyone)

    I'll rewatch it and then post my thoughts on both shows over at my LJ.

  4. Seth was just looking for an excuse to get high. And his friends acted like a bunch of little girls "Did you know he said this about you?" Pansies.

  5. Crystal--

    That is EXACTLY what I said about Tyrol and the female arm--that he was waiting with the others in the sick bay for Anders.

    Will insists otherwise.

    Will's version is a little more interesting, but I really want Tyrol to be good. He's my favorite character on the whole show (well, after my girl crush on Starbuck, of course).

  6. So what is Will's crazy theory?

    And I love Tyrol, too. He's kinda cute in that chunky way. And I love the way he's recently turned into Scotty from the original Star Trek.

    Apparently the boards are up in arms over the fact that Adama didn't want cylons fixing the ship (not the organic material, the actual workers) but tell me how you feel. I think he's right. It's an unsteady alliance and I wouldn't want any of them knowing the ship has MAJOR weaknesses.

  7. Crystal--

    Good point about not letting them know your ship is about to fall apart. I was thinking it was more to keep the peace among the fleet, which I also totally agree with.
    So, either way, I think it was a good idea to limit it to human workers.

    Will's theory is basically that they have something sinister in mind and were just waiting for the opportunity.


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