Monday, February 9, 2009

Everytime the ladies pass, they be like, "Hi, Will."

1000 points if you can name the song that line comes from.

So, I've a had a few e-mails over the past few months asking me to tell you more about Will and the kids.

Don't hold your breath waiting for info on the kids. They're kids. I already share way too much about them here.

But Will...Will is fair game. Sort of. Here are ten things you may not know about him.

Our wedding day.

1. He is a root beer fanatic. One of his dreams is to someday have a house that includes a root beer cellar, well stocked with the classics and obscure finds. Mug is his all time favorite brand. On our first date he took me to A&W in Logan, Utah.

Will made this.

2. He once totaled a BMW that belonged to friends of ours in Germany. Ever had to call up one of your good friends and tell them you totaled their BMW?

3. He spent two years in Argentina as a missionary for our church when he was 19.

4. He is an avid mountain biker. If any of you reading this locally have biking husbands, call me. We can set them up on a play date.

5. He invented the hybrid engine concept when he was, like, 9. Unfortunately he was 9.

6. The movie Napoleon Dynamite is basically a documentary of Will's high school years. Which I guess makes me Deb.

7. He's a HUGE Rush fan.

8. He gave me a concussion, 3 stitches and a minor skull fracture when we were 17. We were jumping on a trampoline. In pitch darkness. With two additional people also on the trampoline. That's what you call a recipe for disaster. I bounced up as he was coming down. His chin + my forehead = pain and blood.

9. He has the hots for Drew Barrymore and Princess Leia.

10. He teaches the 12 year olds Sunday School and they think he's, like, totally OLD.


  1. Will Smith... Miami!! What a great song! Playlist update... :) He is a great guy. Nice trampoline experience. Way to go Will.

  2. I here I thought Monique was such a country girl!
    And what guy doesn't have a crush on Princess Leia?

  3. Oh yes...Princess Leia...not the cinnamon rolls Leia...but the hot, half nekked Leia chained to Jabba.

  4. And that's totally my husband's fantasy...soooo not mine. Just sayin.

  5. Brandi

    Drew Barrymore looks like a thinner version of you!

  6. Umm, Sylwia? I think pregnancy has affected your vision. But thank you!

  7. I actually googled the lyrics of the songs and the name came up second, your blog came up first. Nice! So how are the pork rinds going?

  8. Lies! All Lies! :-)

    1- Too bad rootbeer is made with artificial flavoring. (The original Root is a cancer-causing agent..) Otherwise it would be perfect.

    2- I felt SOOO bad about Brian and Lanae's car. We'd borrowed it for a month, and the day I was starting vacation to fix OUR car it was wet out and Right Behind my Workplace bammo... (At least they got decent money from the insurance..)

    3- Western Argentina is almost as beautiful as Brandi. Can't wait to see the two together someday. (And the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere is in my mission area.)

    4- Bicycling is fantastic. But I'm on a 2001 cheapo bike. Please bombard Brandi with wishes to get me a new one. :-)

    5- Should have talked with a patent lawyer. I wonder if I still have the picture somewhere??

    6- Lies.

    7- Love the music, not so much the vocals...

    8- Also gave a concussion that year to my other best friend (besides Brandi,) pictured above. Christmas party + McDonald's playland + tag.

    9- Of all actresses, my faves are Drew, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johanssen, and of course, Princess Leia. (Don't care for any of Ms. Fisher's other stuff..)

    10- Work is making me feel old, too. Most of my students there are 18yrs old- they were born the year I was starting to drive.

  9. I really loved hearing Will's side of the story. You know Will you need to start a blog. That would be awesome...

    Will, I remember when I thought 30 was old, but now that I am here... We are not old....


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