Sunday, February 22, 2009


There's not going to be an update picture, or really even an update today. We all have the plague again.

It's Noon, and I've been awake for less than an hour. I likely won't shower today, which is why there will be no picture. I'll try to take one tomorrow afternoon.

But, for those of you who are interested, as of this morning I have lost 40 lbs since my surgery on January 14th. That's 40 lbs in 39 days! So, that's a grand total of 70 lbs lost since September 9th. I am officially no longer morbidly obese--still obese, though. I have 65 lbs to go to be out of the obese category, and 90 lbs to be out of the overweight category. It's possible, although very, very unlikely, that I can maintain this rate of weight loss for 3 more months (how cool would that be to meet my goal in 4 months?). More realistically, it'll slow way down--maybe a pound a week--in the next month or so. So that sucks.

You know what else sucks? I won a body fat scale in a raffle at the Y. I was pretty excited because I know I'm gaining muscle (I now have bigger biceps than Will and my forearms will soon rival Popeye's. And I can press 200 lbs with my inner thighs for 100 reps without breaking a sweat. That last one sounds a little dirty, doesn't it?) Anyway, I try it out and it tells me my body fat percentage is too high for the scale to calculate. Nice.

The Nyquil hasn't kicked in yet, so I may as well give a brief family update for those of you who are only here for that.

Ben: Bragging alert!!! I had a conference with his teacher this week. I was afraid it was going to be all bad news because his grades so far this quarter suck. As in, failing. But, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he has been bringing them up significantly since he was told that he would be kicked out of the gifted program if he didn't. His teacher said he's definitely bored out of his mind during class (which is causing the bad grades), so she's trying to find ways to engage him more, and allowing him to work ahead of the class. And the best part of all? (The major bragging part, for those of you who can't stomach such things) She said that in her 15 years of teaching, Ben is the first student she has had that she feels is truly gifted. She said there are lots of very smart kids out there in gifted programs, but that Ben thinks in a completely different way than the average smart kid. She said he is the first student in 15 years that has challenged her (in a good way) as a teacher.

Amelia: It took 10 days, but she finally caved and cleaned her room and earned all her toys back. Her latest thing is to tell people that she's going to have a big tummy like mom when she grows up. Terrific.

Liam: Got kicked out of pre-K on Friday. He can go back on Monday, but at 11 am on Friday they called me and said he had to leave--they couldn't handle him anymore. He got violently ill that night, so I'm hoping that was the major cause of his acting out. We'll see. Even Ben never got kicked out of preschool!

Will: Someday I'll see him again. Between work and school there isn't much time left over for anything else. Just one more class and he'll finally be done!!

O.K. That's all, folks. There will be a picture tomorrow, I promise. Maybe. I'm pretty bloated.

P.S. Thanks for clicking on the you know whats. I'll be able to afford the C cups in no time.


  1. Brandi, any kid who can think to invent a religious holiday, complete with accompanying traditions, in order to avoid doing homework CLEARLY thinks in a whole different way than your average very smart kid. :)

    Feel better. I think we infected half the ward by sending Cannon to nursery last week. He seemed fine Sunday morning, but by Sunday night he had a fever of 102 that didn't come down for four days. Sorry about that.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are all sick. It has been going around up here too.
    I have always told you that Ben is special and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is my first grandchild that I love more than life itself, he is simply special. I did my part to contribute to your C cup. However, I hope that those sites don't come up in the memory as I am on the work computer. They might wonder why I am going to Single African American dating sites.

  3. All that "wonderful" stuff sure is going around! I got it, and I'm hoping that is all! It's not so much fun!
    I'm sure Liam was just sick, I know I'm not so much fun when I'm sick. You would think that I would clue in by now and figure out that when I act like that it means I'm coming down with something. And yet every time it takes me by surprise!
    Yeah, Amelia for finally cleaning your room!
    Ben is a little smartie, and he totally knows it.
    I'm so sorry that your family is sick!

  4. Mom...I thought the same thing about the African American Singles site. LOL.

    Brandi, write something about porn, so we can (innocently) click on internet porn sites...Just kidding...sort of.

  5. Ha Ha Ha, SDL!!!

    Brandi, I hope you are feeling well.


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