Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things I have learned...

So, this blogging thing isn't all just narcissistic ramblings and implant fundraisers. I have actually learned a thing or two over the past six-ish months. Here are a few, in no particular order:

1. I am apparently far more likable/memorable/charismatic here than in real life. For example, Blog life: I get recognized by a total stranger who is a fan. (Yes, I'm still giddy over that). Real life: A bunch of women at church still think my name is Brenda.

2. I have the power to sway opinions. I know personally that several people have bought certain products, read certain blogs and voted No on Prop 8 due in part to my influence.

3. The above scares the bejeebers out of me. I don't want that kind of power! I'm not Oprah, people! Yet.

4. African American is a term whiteys like me made up to be politically correct. Blacks prefer to be called black. I prefer to be called Cracker.

5. Because of comments like #4, there are probably a lot people out there who think I'm a big, fat bigot. They would only be two thirds correct.

6. People will go to great lengths for you if they think they're helping you along the road to a boob job.

7. Based on comments, Crystal and I are apparently the only nerds who watch Battlestar Galactica.

8. I cannot blog about anything I want. There have been some very juicy topics that I have reluctantly not written about because I'm not sure who does and does not read this. Or because I'm positive someone does read it.

9. Will is not cut out for Blogging.

10. There are some twisted people out there doing Google searches. One that led someone here today? "fat cylon sex." I know I have not talked about that. At least not all in the same post.

11. There is awesomeness all over the internets.

12. I can now (thanks to the ever growing ad revenue) list "Blogger" as my profession, rather than homemaker.

Oh, and here's that After picture I promised.

1/14/09 --- 2/24/09 (lost 40 lbs)

I'm not loving my after pictures anymore. I feel like I'm getter bigger since week three. Bah.


  1. Wow, I love the photo progress. You look fantastic.

    I love your list of things, too. I will admit to not watching any of the shows you list (which is weird because I watch A LOT of television - mostly shows with low ratings but "critically-acclaimed").

    How do you get paid by your ads? Do they give you little monthly checks?

    I totally wish I had a blog where my family and friends couldn't find me. Oh, I giggle with happiness when I think of all the things about which I could blog, but they'd find me so it's mostly family friendly except for Sexy Friday which is family friendly because I totally found a naked photo I wanted to post and didn't (it was tasteful, but it still was a little too weird to post for me). So, I kept it for my own personal enjoyment. See this coming Friday for the candidate.

    Your blogs are always great, and the comments usually make them more so. :)

  2. I feel you on not being able to blog about whatever you want. I want a secret alias name/blog where I can take about anything.

    Oh, and cuss. I'd probably cuss more too.

  3. you are looking good brenda!!

    one other thing you should have mentioned is that you learn from us who make comments. after all, i was the one who suggested you have ads, and now you have 84 dollars!!

  4. Why on earth do you think that you are getting bigger? You look beautiful! You are even getting a cute little butt. I am sure that comment would mean more coming from a man vs your mother. Has Will noticed? I bet he has!

  5. You are totally not getting bigger - you look awesome! Your blog cracks me up! Thanks for your humor.

  6. Sometimes I just log on here to click on the fantastic ads you offer on your site.

    No joke.

    I have a lot of free time.

  7. You go girl. Your picture looks awesome! Pretty soon your going to be putting me to shame!
    You need to tell me what I need to do to get the whole google searches For my info only. You know what I talked to you about at Thanksgiving,. When I went to click on yours it was gone and the sitemeter thing was there, and either I don't know how to use it, or no one googles stuff that leads to me. Either way still what to know!
    Thanks for your help Brenda! Who in the world calls you that. You so are NOT a brenda!

  8. You look great! I would love to read your unrated blog. You could use Brenda as your alias...

    I've actually been clicking on those sites. The giggle.com is way cute. If I had a baby, I would consider buying.

  9. You look great. I don't see where you look bigger but I imagine your metabolism and body have to adjust and soon you will see another big difference. No expert here though. I watch Battlestar Galactica and have no one to discuss it with either. That's one great thing about the internet. oh, and I love your sense of humor. Your blog has become one of my favorites.

  10. Just to clarify--I don't think I'm bigger than that first picture (thank goodness). I feel like I'm bigger than the third picture I posted awhile back, with the red top and black skirt.

    BUT, tonight I was at the store and I was able to buy a shirt from the regular sizes. Just a plain old extra large. Woo-hoo!

  11. Brenda, I agree with Sylwia: you're looking great!

    And now you've got me wondering about all those juicy topics, darn it!

    Also too, my face is freaking out lately and I need some Photoshop in a Jar. Where do you get yours? From Ashley? Or do you sell it yourself?

  12. Oh Brenda, that is so great! Way to go... and I do agree that you seem like a different person that who I knew. We needed to hang more... where were you on that one? :) (You are going to hate it that you told everyone about the Brenda thing.)

  13. Chrysta--

    Yes, I get my photoshop in a jar from Ashley.

    Everyone else--

    Most of the people who call/called me Brenda have moved or soon will be (former primary pres., former RS second counselor, my VT supervisor, etc...).

    Crystal and Monique--
    Umm, I was never invited to hang out. Just sayin. (Of course I never invited anyone to hang out, either).

  14. Wait, you're name's NOT Brenda? I'm so embarrassed.
    I watch Battlestar too! I'm a little offended that you didn't know that. Sure I never remark about it on your TV review post, but you should just know like, psychically. We're linked, all of us BSG fans. Linked I tell you. We're like the final 5. -Hey, there are probably only 5 of us out there, so it works!
    I think I'm more charismatic on the blog too. Considering how few readers I have, that probably doesn't bode well for my personality in the real world.

  15. 1. the first thing I thought after I saw the picture was, "When are we going to see a butt shot?" I agree with Mom. You are getting a cute butt.

    2. I also agree with Crystal about liking you.

    3. I never get invited to hang out either. Don't feel bad. I don't really invite people over either, though.

    4. I can give you my login information and you can post things on my blog whenever you like. Maybe it will get updated more. I don't care who reads it and what they think about it.

    5. That's all, I think. What are you doing Monday?

  16. Marianne,

    To answer you last question--Sadly not coming to Savannah. I have no place to abandon my children.

  17. I think Marianne has a good idea... how fun to be guest anonymous posters on her blog... we could rant and cuss, and gossip. Love It.


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